Metal as Fuck is always on the look-out for new contributors from across the world to work with us towards our goal of becoming the world's best, and most respected, metal lifestyle zine on the interwebs.

If you are passionate about metal in all its forms, if you have a shitload of initiative, great ideas, can meet deadlines, and can produce high quality work, then Metal as Fuck wants to hear from you. Whether you are interested in getting seriously involved with the workings of the website, or writing features and reviews, being on the ground at festivals, or taking photos - there is a part to play for you somewhere.

We are particularly keen to get in touch with people with a wide range of experience - from those with little or no experience, to well-known industry afficionados; and in a wide range of locations, from Australia to Peru, and from Europe to Asia.

Are you Metal as Fuck?

If you wanna give it a go (you never know if you don't try!), and can prove your worth to us in some way, write to and give us a heads-up that you want to be involved. You need to send us links to your work (if you're a writer, or if you have photo galleries online), or samples in your email. We will NOT chase you for these samples if you don't include them; we'll ignore you instead.


Who are we after at the moment?

Event reviewers worldwide, release reviewers worldwide, photographers worldwide, people interested in street-team work, and people with striking, interesting, or sustainable column ideas. We are also seeking people who might be serious about learning more about the inside workings of an online mag like this, so if admin is your thing too, then let us know.


Wanna write? Here's what you need to be able to do

We are after people who can dedicate themselves to a minimum of four (4) release reviews each month, deliverable on or before the second-last day of each month. It's pretty simple, really: just one album per week. You MUST be able to take on board a wide range of genres.


Everybody else... here's the deal

For event reviews and photographers, we prefer it if you are able to turn your work around within three days of the event finishing.

For feature writers and columnists, you must be able to turn around your articles quickly (within three days), and be available either by phone or email for short-notice interviews.

For columnists, you have to be able to be contacted, to dedicate yourself to one column each month, or one column bimonthly (depending on the topic).


We're not actually scary, you know

If you can't make your timeframes, all we need is to hear from you and why. 


The big question: Do you get paid?

No, sorry guys. You get contra: you score the album or DVD you review (usually ahead of its release date); you score entries to gigs; everybody else does it coz they love metal, dig the community, and want to further the genre and the value publications like this can give to the fans.

Of course, if we're ever in a position where we're making bucketloads of cash, you'll feel the glory financially too.