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Industry chat 03: All about being a producer, with Fredrik Nordström

Fredrik Nordström is surely a name that nearly all metalheads would recognise. Producer extraordinaire, this man has an enormous discography under his belt, as well as being a musician in his own right, in the band Dream Evil. We caught up with Fredrik a while ago to talk about the world of album production and what it takes to make it in that part of the industry.

As a simple taster, some bands Fredrik Nordström has worked with include At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Evergrey, HammerFall, The

Album Sales Vs. Merchandise: What is more important?

The fourth metal chat on Twitter started out discussing the difference in importance between album sales and merchandise sales. But it turned out that the issues are far more deeply intertwined than they look on the surface.


EU Versus US Metal: ideas, factors, and themes

The third metal chat on Twitter focused on European versus US metal, and any themes, notions, or ideas related to this topic.