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Crushtor's Predictive Guide to the Best of 2010

No - this isn't my personal top ten - it's a prediction and guide to Top Tens that are coming in across the globe as this year fades into twilight.

When you're in the game a while, you can almost anticipate what's going to be on the Top 10 lists of everyone else.

An apology

It has come to my attention that my reporting on the Black Mass cancellation contained errors that has brought undue scrutiny on individuals and organizations. For that, I apologize.

It has come to my attention that I have made errors in my reporting about the Black Mass Festival.

Top 5 for 2010.5

As is customary with pedantic wankers such as Crushtor, here is his Top 5 for the half-way point of the year 2010.

I have a theory that may or may not hold water. It's to do with the last two Ayreon records: 01001100 (or whatever it was called) and The Human Equation.

A Reminiscence: Ronnie James Dio (and a new era for metal journalism)

Crushtor reminisces on the life and times of Ronnie James Dio and offers a new way of reporting on matters of metal importance.

Waking up from a whirlwind of emotions experienced the day prior to find one of my idols, Ronnie James Dio, had passed away was a shock to say the least.

Crushtor's Top 5 Metal Videos of 2009

The most cynical watcher of metal videos summons the courage to name a short-list of outstanding videos all with something in common: not a warehouse to be seen.

I have said before that metal videos pretty much suck.

Teenage Rampage: Kid Metal Reviewers and Wankery

Crushtor reveals first hand that professional music reviewing should not be an occupation entered into at a young age. (Cameron Crowe can suck it!)

I remember trolling up the internet as a youth, connecting to the internet with a rectangular, flashing, screeching machine known as an external modem patiently waiting as it jacked me into the inf

The Metal Game(r)

Thinking back to my uni days, I figure that metalheads and gamers are more similar than they realize.

There's something to be said about metal and games. The more I talk to gamers and remembering my own gaming days (damn DRM, ruining my fun) metalheads and gamers have a lot in common.

Crushtor's Guide to Crap Metal Videos

You've probably seen thousands of metal music videos. But chances are, you've probably only seen just seen the same one from one of these three categories...

I don't know about you, but ever since the rise and dominance of the Live DVD, the need and want for metal music videos - especially those with a deficit of creativity - has sharply declined.