Threat Signal

'We have a few sick tours in the works!" - My 2011 with Threat Signal's Travis Montgomery

The affable Mr Montgomery takes time out to fill us in on what he's been up to this year...

Hey Travis - thanks for giving us the benefit of your thoughts on 2011 and beyond. For starters - Best album you bought this year?

At the top of their game? - Jon Howard on the renaissance of Threat Signal

Are Threat Signal at their peak? Shepherded by the legendary Zeuss behind the desk and wielding 7-string guitars for their new self-titled album, vocalist Jon Howard exudes confidence as he talks to us from the wintry north.

Rock music in Canada, it seems, doesn’t get the respect it deserves as some musicians such as fellow countryman Danko Jones and others lament.

Threat Signal - first ever Euro Tour, Mar-Apr 2010

Canadian modern metallers Threat Signal have announced their first European tour ever, as support of Nu Metal legends (HED) P.E.!
Tour Dates: 
03/03/2010 - 07/04/2010




Epica, Threat Signal, Blackguard: Live stream of concert this February

The 5 February concert at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin featuring Epica, Threat Signal and Blackguard will be streamed live!




Threat Signal - Vigilance (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Holy Fear Factory, Soilwork! Someone sound the Threat Signal - Vigilance is coming!

There’s a strange ménage-a-trois that’s formed in the metal community in North America – and it comprises former and current members of Fear Factory and

Alarming Sounds: Threat Signal on lighting the flame of Vigilance

Threat Signal - Canadian, heavy and proud of it. What's not to like? Hellishly loud thrashy melodic death from the great white north might cause avalanches, though...

You know your band’s on a winning streak when you’re able to land yourself on a bill with melodic death metal mainstays such as Arch Enemy and Soilwork