Switchblade scores Slayer support for Reign in Blood

Sydney melodic death metal band Switchblade has scored the support for Slayer's one off Reign in Blood show on Thursday October 15, at the Big Top, Luna Park in Sydney. The show is all ages and tickets are still available through Ticketek and Utopia Records.


Switchblade – Self Titled 2009 (Sound Pollution/Riot)

Who says Emo kids have all the downer music? Switchblade will give any of those black eyed, fringe flopping whiney kids a run for their money when it comes to doom and gloom.

Swedish trio Switchblade don’t believe in making any overt statements about their music, nor in giving us any real clues about just what it is they do or think, or indeed wha

As The Sun Dies - Chatting with Switchblade's drummer Mat "Picco" Piccolotto.

Upon the release of their newest release Invictus Infinitum, we sat down with Switchblade drummer Mat Piccolotto to discuss what is going down in the world of Switchblade.

Since forming in 2001, Switchblade has worked relentlessly to be one of Australia's shining lights within the metal community.

Switchblade - Invictus Infinitum (Amphead)

Delivering their best performance yet, Switchblade's Invictus Infinitum is heavy and intense. The band with this release delivers a product that is world-class, and ready to take the world by storm.

Australia's heavy metal scene is at its highest as we speak, with lots of established and upcoming bands from every state delivering songs and albums that could be put up against any of the world's

Switchblade signed to Amphead Music

Amphead Music and Entertainment has signed Sydney metal band Switchblade - which sees the band's latest album available through 150 digital music stores globally.

IMMEDIA reports that Switchblade's album Invictus Infinitum