Max and Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots, with Skindred, The Forum Theatre (Melbourne) 23/09/2017

Twenty years later, Max and Iggor Cavalera 'Return to Roots' to celebrate one of the most powerful and captivating Sepultura albums.

When Sepultura released Roots in 1997 it rocked our worlds.

Skindred - Kill the Power (Cooking Vinyl)

Red hot Reggae Reggae sauce, or a disappointing splash of corner shop tomato ketchup?
Release Date: 
3 Mar 2014 - 11:30pm

A lot has already been said of this album. Totally aside from Skindred's award-winning live performances, their recorded efforts have been nothing short of rather spectacular.

Ill Nino: Sidewaves Announced

A World metal clash par excellance!

Indisputable metal gods, Ill Nino,  with their infused bilingual lyrics, harsh and melodic vocals, flamenco guitars, tribal drums and salsa inspired bass lines will take to th

Getting Dirty with Dirty Arya From Skindred

Too much cow-bell is never enough...

‘Dirty’ Arya Goggin is bouncing along on the tour bus, on his way to Germany for the next leg of Skindred’s latest tour.

Skindred - Union Black (3Wise Records)

Mixing it up, Skindred style...
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

Skindred’s latest offering, if you’ll excuse my Victorian era metaphor, goes off like a penny firework in a glass bottle.

The World According to Skindred's Benji Webbe

He's a funny, funny man and he made me laugh. A lot.

With some interviews, you know they’re going to be good, and when Skindred’s singer Benji Webbe bounces onto the line, I know this is going to be one o