Melody Black

'Keep going to gigs and supporting the talent that's in front of you!" Melody Black's Johnathan Devoy looks back at 2012

2013 is going to involve a lot of music and dog husbandry, but for now the MB frontman is looking back at the last twelve months...


Melody Black - Love Your Demons (Riot! Entertainment)

It's not metal, but its bloody brilliant. Buy or die!
Release Date: 
4 Oct 2011 - 11:30pm

The moment the chorus of Over Me Over You erupts gloriously into your consciousness is the moment you become aware that Melody Black’s explosive debut, Love Your

Demon Lovers - Metal as Fuck talks to Melody Black's Leeno Dee

Welcome to a land where old glam rock meets new punk dynamism - the land of Melody Black...

Every now and then, one of the functions of running a popular heavy metal-based website is opening jiffy bags bulging with free stuff.