Prong: eOne to release new LP, Songs From The Black Hole

March 25 sees Prong bash out a covers album for your edification

Prong will release an all covers LP titled Songs From The Black Hole in the U.S. on March 31st via eOne Music.

"The Nightmare Continues!" - Getting desensitized with Rat of d-Beat legends Discharge

Few bands have left a bigger mark on extreme music than Discharge. Rat talks to MaF about the past, but, more importantly - the future of this most august of Punk institutions.

To anyone of a certain age with a yen for ‘extreme music’ of any of the hues that term encompasses, the name Discharge is one to be treated with a mixture of reverence

I Exist - I: A Turn for the Worse (Common Bond)

Canberra. Staid? Boring? In a chimp's cock on the evidence of this...

For old bastards like myself, the word hardcore does not now conjure up good thoughts.