Metalheim IV, Day Two - Nosturi, Helsinki, 12/10/13

The second night of Metalheim IV delivered a mixture of Death, Grindcore and Thrash, with the evening headedlined by the Viking Metal of Ereb Altor and the supergroup, which started as a Bathory-tribute, Twilight of the Gods. Also in the lineup were Hooded Menace, Milking the Goatmachine, Feastem, Convulse and Avra.

Convulse - World Without God (Relapse/Riot)

One of my most frequent complaints with metal, across many genres, is an obsession with sounding old-school. As an outspoken proponent of innovation, it pains me to see so many talented bands saying "anything we do has already been done before and better". Imagine, then, my surprise at a band with what can only be described as an old-school sound who sound fresh and original in 2010 - despite the album being originally released in 1992.

Convulse's World Without God, from its particularly Stockholmesque piano intro through to the vaguely Floridan sounds of closer Powerstruggle of Belief is an