Amorphis - Under the Red Cloud (Nuclear Blast)

Solid. Reliable. Amorphis.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2015 - 11:30pm

At the end of the day, if you’ve heard an Amorphis album – especially a latterday Amorphis album – before, then you know what you’re in for on Under the Red Cloud almost d

Venom to perform entire new album on board 70000 Tons Of Metal!

Legendary metal band Venom have confirmed that they will join 70000 Tons Of Metal on it's voyage from Florida to Jamaica in January 2015.

Venom will play two sets on board, one will focus on greatest hits and one will be an exclusive live world premier of their forthcoming new album which will be released later in 20

Under the sea with Tomi Koivuvsaari (Amorphis)

One half of the Amorphis guitar attack tells me stuff...

Tomi Koivusaari is in a cave at the bottom of the ocean. Not really, but that’s how he sounds, such is the terrible phone connection we’re talking on.

Amorphis - The Beginning of Times (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Amorphis' continue their unrepentant winning streak with The Beginning of Times - a fusion of their 70s psychedelic influences, melodic pop sensibilities and doom metal roots.

I must admit I was worried when Amorphis released Eclipse in 2006; I remember clutching the record in my hands, popping the CD into the tray and feeling all my fears simpl

Amorphis - Magic & Mayhem: Tales From The Early Years (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

If you're only familiar with the Amorphis of recent years then you are in for quite a surprise with this release, less of the melodic and melancholic. More of the pure old school metal that had metal fans quaking in their boots when the band burst onto the scene in 1991. Less of the progressive more of the metal!
Release Date: 
17 Sep 2010 - 8:30am

This is how a greatest hits album should be done.

Amorphis to release 20th Anniversary DVD in 2010

Finnish metal legends Amorphis will release their first-ever live DVD in the spring of 2010, in time for the band's 20th anniversary.

Summer Breeze Festival 2009. Day 3: Friday

Bands of day 3: Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Battlelore, Entombed, Firewind, Life Of Agony, Protest The Hero, Raunchy, Sabaton and The Other

Amorphis - Skyforger (NB/Riot)

Concept albums often appear to many listeners to be a dreadful yawn. But in the case of Skyforger, in which the concept, the story, the music, and the vocals are so well matched, it's hard to dispute the fact that done well, these types of releases can be absolutely amazing.