Acheron cancels remaining shows and the end is complete

The end is complete - Acheron has officially been laid to rest.

Below is the official statement from Vincent Crowley of Acheron.

Metal Hellions, 

Acheron - The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God (Ibex Moon)

Oh god. Oh god look at that cover art guys. Seriously, look at the fucking thing. There's a lot to be said about cover art sometimes, but in this case all you can really say is “oh god that is the dumbest shit ever. This music is going to be the biggest clichéd mess of satanic death metal since Deicide's shit period between Once Upon The Cross and finally leaving RoadRunner”.

And that's even before you find out that the band are not only Actual Practicing Satanists, but LaVeyan Satanists at that, and the vocalist – who goes by the name of Vincent

Acheron gig recap/The Final Conflict is Near

Acheron has just returned from a long weekend with three shows in the Midwest. This was the first time Acheron has ever played Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee (with the exception of Milwaukee Metal Fest).

This just in from Acheron vocalist/bassist Vincent Crowley:

Acheron join the Ibex Moon family

Blackened death metallers Acheron have signed with Ibex Moon Records for the US release of The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God.