Titan's Eve's Kyle Gamblin: "I don't know why the Canadian scene is so strong. Maybe it's our great beer?"

Yet more great metal is emanating from the Great White North...

Canadian thrashers Titan’s Eve have been on the MaF radar for a few years now, never failing to impress whoever happens to be in the office when we decide to bust out one of their tunes, so, with the advent of their third – and mighty impressive – album Chasing the Devil upon us, it was of course deemed most appropriate that I be despatched to question the band on its hatching…

So here I am, shooting the breeze with TE guitarist/vocalist Kyle Gamblin about said opus. Kyle - Tell us a bit, if you would, about the recording of Chasing the Devil – did you approach the recording of the album differently this time around or have you found a formula that works for you over the course of your previous two releases? “With Chasing the Devil we did everything differently. We went into the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver with the very talented Eric Mosher. We recorded all the instruments live off the floor at once which was completely new to us and exciting. We of course dialled in more riffs and leads later, but all in all it was recorded in a week’s time. The editing and mixing/mastering was completed over the following months with Jeff Waters of Annihilator taking the helm on the mastering end. We’re very happy with the final product and the experience was rad”.

I’m sure it was. Walters is Canadian metal royalty! To my ears, this album sounds a lot more organic than your previous album, Life Apocalypse – was it a conscious decision on the band’s part to move away from the more ‘hi-tech’ sound of LA to the heavier, more natural sounds of CtD? “It was the bands decision but we also credit Eric Mosher for leading us to record off the floor and in a live setting. It just felt like the right approach and in the end I think we achieved a more real feel”.

That’s certainly the case from my point of view as a listener. Extending on that theme a little, is it important to you that the Titans Eve sound changes from album to album, or would you be happy to hit a groove that you come back to over time, if you found ‘the one’? “We’ve always decided on whether we should play faster or groovier for each album depending on what feels natural at the time and what feels right. I think hitting a groove would eventually wear thin if we ever found one. We enjoy hitting new ground and experimenting too much with dynamics and song writing”.

So, Chasing… is done and out amongst us now - what touring have you got in place in support of the new album? Will you manage to get overseas? “We’re looking into North American tours for 2016 but nothing is set in stone as of yet. We’re of course always trying to build a tour overseas and when the right bills are lined up we’ll be very happy to return””

Maybe an Australian promoter is reading this! You’re practically worthy of being given ‘veteran’ status now, three albums and nearly a decade into the band’s career; has the metal scene changed much for you in that time? Does having recorded product out there change how you view you and the band’s place in the scheme of things? “Going from being an unknown band to creating a fan base and international following is, at the end of the day, a completely different type of existence for an artist. The metal scene has for us been stable and supportive since day one. Our albums have been shipped all over the world and it’s very rewarding to reach people so far away. It’s really what makes the starving musician life style worth it”. 

There seems to be an awful lot of good metal coming out of Canada at the minute – I’m thinking more specifically of bands like you, Striker and Unleash the Archers especially as favourites around the traps at MaF, but we recently did a month-long feature on Canadian metal and couldn’t believe how many great ‘unknown’ bands we dug up – what do you put this explosion of metallic talent down to? Or has it always been there and we just didn’t notice? “It’s an interesting question that keeps on coming up in interviews. I can’t really say why there are so many exceptional bands kicking ass around Canada. Maybe it’s because our long winters which make us basement ridden and we spend more time jamming? Maybe there’s something in all the great Canadian beers we drink? Either way we feel fortunate to be here and among so many talented bands”.

Without wishing to jump the gun overmuch, are there any plans for album number four yet? “We will most likely spend the next year or two promoting Chasing the Devil. We’re talking about writing the next record so in a sense it has begun already. We’re already kicking around new riffs at jam practice”.

Finally, do you have anything else you’d like to draw to the attention of the MaF readership? “If you like us keep following us at our facebook page or website (www.Titanseve.com) and also keep keeping on MaF - you guys rule!”

You’re too kind sir! Hopefully we’ll see you down under as part of the CtD tour cycle!