Canadian Metal Assault - Nordheim

We finish our month-long tour of the Canadian underground in Quebec!

Bonjour mon ami! Er, I’m afraid that’s all the French I’ve got, so for the benefit of our readers, tell us a bit about yourself and your band. “I'm Warraxe, rhythm guitarist and vocalsist of Nordheim. We are a folk metal band that formed in 2006 in Bellechasse, Quebec. In the beginning, Fred (lead guitar), Benfok (bass) and I were just a group of friends that happened to like the same music and played different instruments. Luka and Lou (drums and keyboards respectively) joined in more recent times and here we are!”

And very pleased we are that you are!  Who or what are the bands main inspirations and/or influences? What drove you to take up the cudgels in the name of metal? “Well of course we take our inspiration from the big names of Finnish folk metal like Finntroll or Moonsorrow but there is also a little something from each member's personal touch. Benfok is really into power metal so that's how the catchiness came while me and Fred are more into the black and death metal side and it's where the band is getting its muscles from”

According to Facebook you’re from Partout. What’s the metal scene like in Partout? And what do you think of the scene in Canada generally? ''Partout'' means 'Everywhere' in French (laughs). But yeah, the scene is really different from place to place! Of course we are used to our good ol' Quebec scene with the people we know and love that keeps tearing the place apart show after show but we are looking forward to winning the hearts of other Canadians as well!  I'm glad we could make a place for Nordheim in Quebec City because if you ask me Quebec is Canada's black metal capital. We played several times in Montreal and Toronto and we are starting to see familiar faces now at every show! It warms the heart to know that people help the scene and come to shows!”

Partout. You see, I told you I had no French! But you’re right, it’s good to hear of a strong local scene where you are! Moving away from the general scene and back to you, what, for you, make up the elements of a fine folk metal song? And is there anything you think couldn’t be incorporated successfully into the genre? “First of all, the song needs a catchy name, something that is easy to sing while drinking. Secondly, the song must have a super catchy chorus that will stick in your mind until you fall wasted to the ground. Finally, the song must be easy to learn and easy to enjoy in a show even if you have never heard the song before. If you ask me, the only thing that could ruin a folk metal song is a misplaced technical show off... god I hate that”.

Does metal from the French-speaking regions have Canada have a distinct flavour would you say? “Yes, especially Quebec's black metal as I said before! Quebec is known worldwide for providing some of the finest Black metal there is! I do not say that it's the only good thing we have but the french-speaking Canadians defenitely have their place and their own style in the metal world”.

To more general matters now - Who would you say, was the greatest Canadian metal band of all time? “Oh my god! If you ask me there is a lot of bands that could make the spot! Voivod and Annihilator were probably the most important one, Blasphemy spawned a whole new genre of extreme metal and there are so many more! My favourite Canadian metal band is maybe not the greatest of all time but still they kick some legendary ass… Gris”.

Never, heard of ‘em, which might pre-empt my next question - what about a lost metallic gem from Canada that the wider world might have missed out on? “If someone has never heard of Gris - Il était une forêt, Hurry up and listen to this album”.

I’ll try and root it out. And apart from Nordheim, are there any other up and coming Canadian bands we should be keeping an eye on? “If you are into pagan metal I suggest you check out Catuvolcus... probably my favourite in the genre. Power metal fans should check out Eclipse Prophecy, Death metal fans should check out Kaotik, thrash/crossover fans should check out Saccage and black metal fans should check out Grimoire”.

A nice, comprehensive hit list. Merci! Now here’s your one and only chance to plug your shit – what can we buy from you, and where can we find out more about you? Any gigs/tours coming up?  “You can order online at  We got a new t-shirt you guys should check out, we've got CDs, patches and every order comes with free stickers! Also come check us out on the Wacken Battle Canada we'll be playing in Montreal in semi-finals and hopefully in Toronto in summer for the final!”

Finally -  Anything else our readers need to know about Nordheim? “I will let them discover with their own eyes when they see us in a gig... seeing is believing!”

Thanks for taking part! “You’re Welcome and thank to our fans for always being there! Rock on!”