Segression's Chris Rand on Painted In Blood, Tours and Stuff

Mum! They're at it again!

What-ho, Mr Rand, how the Devil are you? Mr Rand is swimmingly good and has shifted all manner of tattoo appointments in order to speak with me. He's a charming fellow, is Chris, vocalist and bassist with Segression - who just happen to have a new album out; Painted In Blood. It's bloody good and you should get it immediately - it's also a lot heavier than Never Dead (2011), why is this so? "We always want to make a balls out album and get back to the old L.I.A kind of vibe, that old early Metallica kind of stuff where everyone just does what they do. I didn't try to direct everyone as much as I did previously on Never Dead and I just let everyone be themselves and just focus on being as brutal as possible. I'm very happy, it's a blueprint for the future."

One thing I noticed was, aside from the sweet guitar work of Michael [Katselos] and Sven [Sellin] the drum-work of newest member Adam Bunnell - it's banging. Chris is also suitably enamoured with the skins on the new album. "Ads? I could listen to him play all day - he's such a clean drummer! Sometimes when you're listening to a drummer, it's noisy as fuck but he's so fucking clean! He's such a neat and tidy drummer. I'm a fan! He's in the band and I'm a fucking fan!" Chris notes the exceptional skills of Michael and Sven before adding "Now I'm the weakest link!" Is there a favourite track for you or is that like picking a favourite child? The man is brimming with enthusiasm and you can't help but get swept along with him as he chuckles about how he loves each one and how he gets goosebumps from listening to the album. If you want to see Chris shiver, pay him a compliment - he's down to earth enough to recognise how fortunate he is to still be banging out the tunes and touring. "I was just talking to Sven and we were recollecting how lucky we are - this could have all ended years ago," he says, adding that anyone one of them could have died in a car crash or been a victim of poverty and financial ruin.

So what's different for you about Painted In Blood? He mentions the improvement that cardio has made to his voice (there's a lot of mighty fine roaring vocal work on the new album) and that "We've focussed on the lyrical content - we've always stood up for the little guy, which is where we started with L.I.A; singing about corruption and victims of crime and we've kind of come full circle. We just like to be ourselves and get the anger out." And what's the go with this Murder Machine Records label that you're now on? "It's my dad's label! He worked out a way to set it up so we can distribute on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify and we just went for it!" Techno-savvy papa to the rescue, eh? Chris laughs like a maniac at the surreal quality of the situation - but it's bloody well working well so power to the peeps, I say - no more talk of lables though. The police might come and get us and we wouldn't want that.

There's some talk about Painted In Blood being the last full-length Segression release but Chris alludes to the work they've been doing with Dr Rev (the blood artist who did the album artwork) and the idea of continuity with futher releases; self-contained 'episodes' of a story, with each subsequent episode continuing the narrative. I don't pretend to fully understand but it sounds intriguing like Game of Thrones meets heavy bloody metal.

Finally we touch on the upcoming Prong support gigs which Chris is "Fucking well happy about - they're an amazing fucking band." and the upcoming Sonic Forge gig in Melbourne. It's all happening (again) for Segression and with a bit of mutual ego-stroking ("You're lovely" - "No, you are"), we're done - though I look forward to catching up with Rand and co next month. Frosty beers ahoy.