Invertia's Dave Coppola: "Thrash is in the hearts of those that do it well"

Creating Industrial black metal may be Dave's day job - but he still loves a bit o'thrash...

Metal Thrashing May may well nearly be done, but we're still getting people ready willing and able to submit to our thrash grilling! Dave, thanks for being part of this! Straight into the fray - the Big Four... your thoughts on their primacy or otherwise in the genre? "  I think the big four deserve that title with respect to their place and time.  I think they started a movement that continues to sell a lot of records to this day.  Among the Living from Anthrax is still a big seller, the old Metallica speaks for itself, Slayer is probably my favourite when it’s said and done. Reign in Blood still just rips your head off and sells well i’m sure!  And of course good ol’ Dave Mustaine and the boys, love em or hate em they have some true thrash metal classics, Peace Sells and so do their albums so there you have it.  My personal big four although I do agree with the originals would have to be Kreator, Testament, Exodus and Sabbat.  These bands were innovative and dedicated to what they were doing, while keeping the sound that makes us bang our heads and raise our horns!"

More love for Kreator... I hope Mille Petrozza has been following this series! Now, What to you, is the quintessential sound of thrash? "For me the thrash sound is the breakneck riffing of the guitars, the skank beats on the drums and a dominating vocal.  As far as where it comes from, as a musician myself it just comes from within"

But physically, or more accurately geographically, does it come from the Bay Area, from Germany, or from somewhere else? "It’s in the heart of the bands that do it well, whether they are from the States, or Germany or England or wherever really".

Now we're going to move on to albums. Could you give us what you consider to be the five essential thrash albums from the last thirty years? "Kreator: Extreme Aggression, Dreeamweaver by Sabbat, Reign in Blood - Slayer, Metallica's Master of Puppets and Rust in Peace by Megadeth"

And what about live, who's the best live thrash outfit, do you think? "Megadeth! They always nail it live!"

And the worst? "I can't think of any!"

Haha, very diplomatic... On to less dodgy ground! As a musician, what would you say are the key elements that go towards making a classic thrash tune? "Speed. Execution. Stamina. Bad ass lyrics".

Which musicians would make up your dream thrash outfit from the last 30 years? "Vocals and guitar - Mille Petrozza. Drummer would be Dave Lombardo. Cliff Burton on bass, whilst I'd have Dave Mustaine on lead guitar. That would make up an interesting sound".

And finally, what do you think is the biggest gift given to heavy metal by thrash? "The biggest gift thrash has given heavy metal I believe are the musicians.  Thrash metal and its players are some of the first to push the envelope of traditional heavy metal.  We go from the NWoBHM to bands and musicians who said, hey lets go faster and play heavier!  It’s an inevitable progression which opened up doors for crossover bands like Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I.  I think Motorhead was an especially  important step towards thrash as well, they were the template of fast and loud for younger musicians to aspire too.  Lemmy is God! Haha!"