Currently Unsigned: Malakyte

In the first of our season of interviews with independent metal bands, we have a chat with Aussie Thrashers Malakyte...

Greetings, and many thanks for kicking off our latest season of q & as! Who are you, and what role do you play in the band? "I’m Laggy, and I play guitar, or at least make best efforts to! I also play lead ADD kid, it’s a fun time".

Who else is in Malakyte? "Dalton is the other guitar player and a monster of a musician to boot. LG is our resident skin basher (I’m sure I can turn that into some form of innuendo!) and goes through a forest’s worth of drumsticks in a single outing. Trip is the beast/bass player. We keep him in a cage and feed him Golden Grahams cereal at intermittent intervals. Muz plays with himself for the most part, but performs vocals on occasion".

We don't need to go into that any further. How long have you been together? "We formed the initial unit in late 2010, and started performing mid 2011. We shuffled our vocalist in 2013 and we feel it was almost a ‘rebirth’ in the sense that we had started to move into the direction we always wanted to go in (of course taking nothing away from our old vocalist Oompa - amazing dude!). So I guess any of those time periods can apply!"

And what have you released to date? "We have released an EP entitled S2076, a physical single for Fall to Khaos (yes, with a K! We’re huge Mortal Kombat fans without a doubt) from that EP, and our first full length album Human Resonance. We’re currently in writing mode for our next album... Expect the unexpected!"

Being unsigned in 2014 has different connotations to being unsigned in 1994, or even 2004. How important do you think record companies are in today’s modern world of social media, kick starter campaigns and illegal downloading et cetera? "That’s a pointy question! It’s hard to say but I feel that labels will certainly have some form of a presence in the modern music business going forward, at least for the time being... The fact that labels like Nuclear Blast and Century Media still exist and seem to be going reasonably strongly is a good indicator. I personally wouldn’t be averse to looking over a contract from one of those guys if it’s offered!"

Haha, I'm sure you wouldn't! But to extend that topic a little further, how important is any of the ‘traditional’ impedimenta of the record industry in 2014? Are band managers, distro companies, merch companies and PR reps just other means by which a band can lose money or does each separate part of the machine still have something to offer the unsigned band? "Well at least for the time being, we’ve done all that stuff ourselves, in one form or another, barring PR of course. We’re self managed, organise distro ourselves, plan and book our own tours, self-record, fund and essentially operate our machine virtually completely in-house. We’re even looking at building our own screen printer to make our own shirts. If you’re organised enough and you can do it yourself, then I would recommend going that way, as you stated it’s less money in other people’s pockets. Depending on the growth of your project though, at least at some point one would think eventually you may not have a choice but to go down those traditional avenues. Unless of course your name is Gene Simmons (soul may or may not be inclusive!)"

All that being the case, What for you as a band has been the most effective means of getting your name out to a wider audience? "Playing shows! Putting on a killer live performance and leaving a lasting impression in people’s minds. Having solid merch for sale and something behind you always looks good in the eyes of promoters. For Fall to Khaos, we released a decently budgeted film clip, single and shirt all at once and I feel it paid dividends towards our current success. And promote like a beast – that doesn’t just mean Facebook, kids... More on that in a minute. And momentum is vital (Ie; keep working!)"

And what about the least effective? I'm guessing from what you just said that facebook might feature here? "I would say probably doing things like buying facebook likes. We experimented with it and it really has no actual effect on where your music is ending up, those bought likes don’t check your page so who are you really trying to impress? Promoting via Twitter and Facebook however is a different kettle of fish, doing small advertising campaigns certainly doesn’t hurt. And spamming your shit on social media ad nauseam will only serve to hurt you. Think about what you’re doing before you do it – do you like getting 3000 invites to random crap every week?"

Absolutely not. It's incredibly annoying. Now, you've already told me you are self managed -  so how many hours a week do you spend on non-playing activities as a band? "That all depends on the context (laughs). We all live together (barring Trip and Liam) so if non-playing activities include “Doing goon bongs then jumping out our two-storey window” then we’ve got a shittonne of experience! Otherwise we’re all * always* on the prowl to look for things to do to benefit the band, an example of such is this interview (Does this count as breaking the fourth wall?). With smartphones it makes that aspect so much easier, if you’re not doing anything, look up ways to expose your music/help your project grow. It’s pretty easy and we’re not a rich band in any sense of the imagination so there’s no excuse! Liam guides the ship for the most part but we’re all looking at ways to achieve the next goal".

Now to the interesting stuff - what are you up to in the near future? "We’re about to head down to Adelaide for the first time which I’m VERY excited about! We’re playing Alkira’s album launch and those guys are maniacs, we shared the road with them on our last tour and it was a blast. As stated earlier, we’re about to write our next album – We’re heading out to an isolated area in a large house to finish it. We’re about to debut a new song and I’m really excited for people to hear it, there’s a LOT going on outside of the thrash/speed norm. Lots of new ideas... We want to take metal in a new direction, mixing new ideas with old, to create something truly original – and GOOD! We don’t want to be a Slayer jukebox, after all..."

Who does? except maybe Slayer. But enough idle contemplation. Where can people learn more about Malakyte? "On our Facebook page (, our website, our bandcamp ( , our Triple J unearthed page (, and our Youtube channel MalakyteOfficial! We’ve also got Twitter, Reverbnation, an Instagram and a bunch of other stuff you can find us on. Other young bands – Make sure you check all those boxes!"

Sound advice indeed! Now, anything else you think the readers of Metal as Fuck need to know? "Muz has a little willy (laughs)."

And on that bombshell...