The Black Dahlia Murder: Seizing Opportunities

"We Were Out of Our Comfort Zone, You Could See Us Squirming"

The Black Dahlia Murder are currently just beginning their summer slaughter at some of Europe’s most prestigious festivals however we caught up with vocalist Trevor Strnad during some rare down time to discuss the band’s latest DVD Fool ‘Em All - A side-splitting peak down the rabbit hole of the Michigan maniacs adventures on the recent Warped Tour and throughout Europe. “I have some rare time to myself which is nice but today was my first practice back, the guys flew into town and we’re getting ready to leave for the summer festivals, heading off to the UK and a lot of gigs throughout Europe”.

The new DVD, Fool Em All - I had a blast watching it over the weekend and I loved that gag reel, how long did it take to pull all this together? “It took a lot of time to sort through the footage because a lot of it is conversation". The humour lays a lot in the dialogue so I can imagine putting it together was very painstaking. "We were also down to a deadline crunch with Metal Blade Records so that was more added stress. We just run amuck; let it all hang out; everything you see on the DVD is what goes on without the camera there. We like to entertain each other, it helps the boring times of tours pass, just joking around and having a lot of fun. It was long overdue because fans are still hanging onto the old one. We wanted to keep people up to speed with the current lineup and the personality of the band, see how hilarious they are. I’m glad we finally have it out there so fans can see what these guys are all about. We’ve been singing their praises so now everyone can see how we are as a whole. It’s definitely a photograph of us and in spite of having so many members go through the band it was the ultimate goal to find great members who could connect with other members”.

It is a fantastic insight into The Black Dahlia Murder; it does draw you in and you do feel that you are part of the story; I understand you guys were co-producers on the DVD – when planning for the DVD, this was your vision? “It’s kind of unique because us being on Warped Tour was not our normal plateau for us, it was a totally different environment, we were the only extreme band on the lineup and we were out of our comfort zone, you could see us squirming a bit [Laughs] so a lot of it was just us coping with the weirdness of the Warped tour. We played in front of a massive crowd! It was definitely fun and definitely a success, that was a good opportunity for us to try something different. Part of the success of this band is appealing to a lot of different people, it’s something we’ve realised over the years, it’s not just long haired dudes at shows you know, it seems to be a lot of people who really dig the band”. I did enjoy the pandas belting the snot out of one another… [Laughs] Yeah…. Yeah that’s good stuff; Mike and Brian have this constant thing – people mistake them as brothers and they hate that, so they are always hitting each other and setting traps for each other. There is so much of that, that hasn’t been captured on film, it’s constantly going on, it definitely keeps me entertained”.

What was it like watching the DVD for the first time? “As with anything, when you hear your own voice, speaking, its cringe worthy for a while [Laughs] but I definitely enjoyed watching the other guys, there is some funny stuff there. Like Ryan Knight has this whole thing about the weather, everywhere we go he is always talking about the elevation, weather updates, I never noticed it before, he is definitely a character and one of the stars of the DVD”. Both The Black Dahlia Murder’s DVD’s have been a success and always in high demand, maybe it will be a bi-annual thing “Yeah we’ll see how it plays out I mean it felt like we had to do another one because of the first one, although it is hard to sell DVD’s as the market is pretty much dead. Metal Blade were like are you guys seriously wanting to do this and we were like, yeah! You have no idea how much the fans bug us about this, they still watch and recite the last one, regurgitating things we said in like 2007 and I said watch this, this thing is going to be big, you just wait”.

Hopefully we see the same amount of crazy antics on your next run of shows, what is keeping you busy in Europe? “We’ve got Download, Hellfest in France, Full Force in Germany, some big ones in the first half of the festival season, it’s exciting and a great opportunity to soak up some rays and catch some bands, we’re keen to see Emperor I’ve never seen them before and they play the same day as us at Hellfest so totally stoked on that right now. Being a band from the States and getting over there for Hellfest is a pretty exciting prospect for us; you see a lot of shit you don’t get over here. I love the festivals in Europe, they are so huge and everyone is all so serious about it, seeing that many people in leather jackets with long hair and black shirts as far as the eyes can see, just thousands and thousands and thousands of them, I’m like, wow! I’m home, I feel alive”.