Thy Art Is Murder: The Revolution Has Begun

We Beat Green Day, Who The Fuck Beats Green Day?

To say that Thy Art Is Murder are having a good year is an understatement, the amount of determination from these humble Sydney boys is what has achieved them the status of Golden God nominees, a record deal with Nuclear Blast and thousands upon thousands of adoring fans. Metal As Fuck caught up with vocalist CJ McMahon over the weekend to chat about their mammoth year and the future success of the band.  

Well I have to say – this interview is long overdue and I could sit here and rattle off a few of the accomplishments the band have had over the past twelve months but I feel we may be here for a while. Apart from the biggies CJ what have been some of the highlights for you? “Wow there have just been too many, its mind blowing, the first being our bigger fan base, we thank the fans from all around the world and Australia. We just finished our Europe tour that was amazing. Signing to Nuclear Blast, selling the Hate album, the Golden Gods nomination – there is seriously too many to choose. The highlights for me have been meeting all the people across the globe whilst on tour. We still have a lot of haters”. [Laughs]

Yes... signing to Nuclear Blast, when the news came through I think the entire nation was gob smacked, go boys we screamed “We couldn’t believe it ourselves, we had had so many disappointments in the past so we just took the approach oh it won’t happen – we have had so many labels say that we’re too heavy or not what they’re looking for but when our Manager came to us within five days saying that it was all going ahead, we were shocked, it was the best news ever. We were a very DIY band for such a long time and to know that we are now with Nuclear Blast is just the icing on the cake, they have been really great for us”. How did you respond to the news that Thy Art Is Murder were placed at No. 35 on the freaking ARIA charts of all things? “That was weird, we beat Green Day, who the fuck beats Green Day?”. [Laughs]

Now the band in the past five years or so has been heavily involved in searching for a bulletproof lineup “It was sad also, those last nine months we had a lot of problems with past members of the bands. Our vocalist couldn’t play a lot of the time, some did some terrible things, there are legal issues that I’m not allowed to get into [Laughs] but yeah we had to trim the fat – the current members of the band all have a massive role, I know it may sound clichéd but we are now the best we have ever been, all the members are really involved with the band and all play important roles, you know we are the best of friends, I think that if anyone were to leave the band now it would be really difficult to get it back up to the calibre that it is currently”.

You yourself are reasonably new to the band – upon signing up did you have any expectations that the band would amount to this level of success so quickly? “No, not really, I was signing with them a while before I joined. I wanted to be in a band that moved forward, my last band just didn’t have the tools to get to where I wanted to be and seriously it was the best decision of my life. Although you know we are always broke, I like shoes god dammit. European tours we will go over with no cash and I see all these fucking sweet shoes. There is a lot of misconceptions from kids who see this job as some sort of party money-filled lifestyle; you really have to be dedicated. I tell them you don’t want this job, if you like money”

The album that has sparked this revolution for the band is Hate. What does Hate have that has set this benchmark for the band? “The lineup, it’s all the lineup. We have new brains in the mix and are able to take a different approach to the writing style. We set a goal and we weren’t going to stop until we achieved it”. There's another national tour yet to start with Cattle Decapitation shortly, a chance to further spread Hate around the nation – what were you thoughts on the public backlash regarding the tour? I mean, I think its brilliant, Thy Art (as well as many Australian bands) are of the same if not higher calibre than that of our international counterparts. “You know I have had at least twenty interviews with this same question coming up and I’m with you, seriously like be more fucking supportive of Australian bands. The tour with Cattle Decapitation, we asked them, we’re paying for them to come to Australia to tour and I don’t want to sound like I have a big head or anything but find me a band that can headline over Thy Art Is Murder in Australia. We are competitive musicians, that’s just who we are and for all those who come to one of the shows with Decap. you won’t be questioning it. Oh unless it was like Parkway Drive or something, I am like the biggest fan boy, with my Parkway Drive shrine, yeah I’m going to stop that there”.