Holy Grail's Luna: "My dream band? I broke the rules and went for the absolute greatest live act!"

Luna bends the rules but comes up with a great band...

Greetings Mr Luna, and thanks for getting Holy Grail involved in this Q and A... Let's get right into things. Who would be fronting this band of yours? " Please excuse the multitude of musicians in my band. I also went ahead and assumed you meant dead or alive... My supergroup frontmen would be Ian Gillan and Rob Halford. Gillan would hold down the heavy gritty aggressive parts and Halford all the intense highs and harmonies, couldn’t ask for a better combo."

A Gillan/Halford double pronged assault? Potentially monstrous. Who is backing this up in the guitar department? "Tony Iommi, Richie Blackmore, and Uli Jon Roth. If Iron Maiden has 3 guitarists, then I choose these three as mine. In my eyes Iommi and Blackmore are the root of hard rock guitar playing and soloing, Then add Uli Roth to the mix and you have the ultimate super group of axemen".

A veritable phalanx of power. But would Blackmore and Gillan be able to stay in the same room as one another? I guess this is an ideal band, so lets assume they'll bury the hatchet - just hopefully not in on or the other's skull... OK, we'll pay those three. Now a bass player please? Or two bass players, if you like... "Geddy Lee and Phil Lynott . Geddy is God on the bass and matched by the tasty lines and solid groove of Phil Lynott you can’t have a better low end at your side."

Two bassists...BOOM! Who is going to lay down the beat to lock in with those two. I have a feeling there's going to be more than one..."Tommy Aldridge and Cozy Powell are two of my favourite drummers whom I must say are underrated. Heavy, funky, syncopated, and full of double bass, I couldn’t ask for more from these two guys so why not have the double whammy of 4 bass drums on stage!"

Yes, stage space. This band is only going to be able to play enormodomes isn't it? That said, we might have a bit of space for a few sidemen or women - any thoughts? "Jon Lord and Ken Hensley on Hammond organ with Corky Laing on cowbell and of course Geddy on Taurus pedals. Lord and Hensley are the tops when it comes to heavy keys so we need them in there to keep this hard rock super in the 70s vein. Corky’s cowbell heard on Mississippi Queen will show you he’s not too shy to lay it down, and Geddy’s low end synth pedals will keep the Moog enthusiasts happy" 

Eleven members... that's not a dream band, it's an orchestra!