Edge Of Attack: Gearing up for a 2013 Assault on your Ears...

Edge Of Attack might be newcomers to the metal scene, but don’t let that fool you, they are primed and ready to unleash their hellacious album on to the world.

One of the many perks of writing for MaF is the chance to interview up and coming metal bands. Even more unique is when you get the chance to interview a band from your corner of the world. Yes! its true, Edge of Attack is Canadian made.  So while the snow is blustering outside in the winter wonderland that is Winnipeg, I had the chance to sit down with Roxanne Gordey (Vocals) and Jurekk Whipple (Lead Guitar ,Vocals) to discuss the bands history and accomplishments. Zooming in on their self- titled album Edge Of Attack and what they have in store for their listeners. If you are unfamiliar with this band let me catch you up to speed...

The five piece metalcore/thrash band based out of the frigid Northern lands of Alberta, Canada have stepped out on to the metal scene primed to unleash their self-titled album Edge Of Attack. They might be newcomers to the metal scene, but don’t let that fool you in a short period of time they have made quite an impact and generated a great deal of hype, including being featured in Revolver Magazine and by recently releasing 2 singles off their album.  Their audience can also check out the new music video for their hit single Forever

For readers that are unfamiliar with your bands history, how did Edge of Attack form? And can you tell our readers a brief history of the band? Jurekk kicks off the answers. "The band started a few years ago as more of a death metal kind of thing, which isn’t really what I’m into so I contacted Trevor to see if he was interested in doing a side project. What ended up happening was that we just turned Edge of Attack into the side project. About a year later we hired Roxanne to sing and my sister Denver to play bass and things are just getting better."

Why the name Edge of Attack?  And is there a story behind the name of the album? Can you tell me about the artwork? "The name Edge of Attack is based on the song Edge of Attack, which is really just a huge war anthem. The artwork (done by Cadies Art) is a depiction of the song Demon (Of the Northern Seas) which has kind of a pirate quest feel to it."

How long did it take you to write/record this album? "The initial writing only took about 3 months. As we started recording we began making changes, so in total, I would say about 5 months.:"

Who produced your the debut, and what label will release it?? "I actually ended up producing and engineering the album at my home studio. Spread the Metal records will be releasing the album."

Looks like you have a new lineup. Who left and who came aboard ? This time Roxanne takes up the EoA story: "The initial Edge of Attack line-up included Jurekk, Trevor, Dallas, and our former bassist, Kayle. The line-up transition consisted of myself joining, followed by Kayle’s departure. He was shortly replaced by Denver, which gives you our current roster."

Roxanne, how would you describe the overall sound of the new album? "In reality, our music is not easily classified. It encompasses influences from power, thrash, traditional, and symphonic metal as well as metalcore. Ultimately, it’s fast and heavy, but melodic and catchy. It’s the perfect blend of our own personal brand of metal."

Jurek, what did you use as your inspiration for this album? "I actually tried to not use any musical inspiration for this album. Instead I just tried to write music that I liked and that I felt was unique."

How much does your new lineup contribute to your sound? What roles do each member plays in the creative process? Roxanne takes over again. "Every musician adds their own stamp to the music, and it’s true for us too. For myself, I can say that my vocals enabled us to explore new styles from what the guys had played with Jurekk doing vocals alone. Aside from that, I make some lyrical contributions in writing. Denver adds her own personal flavour to the bass lines on the album, and she often writes music with Jurekk. Primarily, our music and lyrics are written by Jurekk, but several songs have musical and lyrical contributions from Dallas and Trevor as well."

Based on your perspective where does the new album stand musically when compared to the band's previous work? "From an evolutionary standpoint, the new album is a completely different animal. What used to be a very thrash sound has turned into a heavily power-oriented style."

Jurekk, when writing lyrics are you inspired, by your own personal feelings or thoughts? Are there influences that contribute? Is there a point you’re hoping to get across to your listeners? "The most important thing, when we are writing lyrics, is to make sure that they can be interpreted differently by each listener. Often, they do have meaning to each of us but we try to make it so that the fans feel as if they are listening to an album that was written specifically for them."

Back to you Roxanne - what were your main influences in music and also in art? Do you still listen to the same bands that inspired you originally? "I grew up listening to classic rock. I loved the smooth voices of Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry, but also the rough alternative sounds of Chris Cornell and other hard rock singers. Those bands were the ones I think impacted the way I sing the most. I still listen to those bands from time to time but I spend most of my time exploring new music; new bands and new genres."

Society likes to put labels on everything, in your heart and mind how would you describe your music to people? "The media have thrown around a few titles, the most common being ‘power-thrash.’ I’m okay with that title to an extent, but it’s important to know that our music is so much more than that. We don’t allow the boundaries of genre dictate the music we create.

Which genre influences you the most? "If I had to pick one, I would have to say it is power metal, but the choice is made out of many contenders".

What do you see or hope to see for Edge of Attack in the near future? Any plans for a tour?  "In the near future, best case scenario for us is to undergo a few tours. A Canadian tour is currently being planned for this spring. After that, we have aspirations to tour Mexico and South America, but only time will tell."

Have you been involved with any touring to help build hype over the release? Did you play any of the new material? If so, how has it been received? "We took a short tour through Alberta and British Columbia last spring, hitting the Calgary Metalfest along the way. We played most of the tracks from the album, all except for the newest songs. The crowds were very responsive, even when we felt out of place playing alongside heavy death metal bands or lighter pop-punk bands. Our sound seems to appeal to a wide range of music fans."

You released a video for the song Forever. Can you tell our readers about that experience and the concept behind the video? Roxanne again - “Forever had a very cut and dry concept. What we wanted was a very simple video that would showcase the music. We did the shoot on a cold day in March in a hollowed-out shop. It was below freezing, muddy, and generally pretty miserable. Everyone was running around in mitts and parkas getting everything into place. All in all, it was a good experience and it makes me grateful for every indoor shoot we have,

Looking back do you feel satisfied with Edge of Attack? What would you say are your best and worst moments of the band ? Jurekk, any thoughts?  "I’d definitely say that I am fully satisfied with Edge of Attack, our fans are great, we enjoy the music, and things seem to be going really well for us right now. In terms of the best moment I’d have to say is when we finally heard the album once everything was completed, all the hard work we put into it all come together. Now I think the worst moment was our show at the Starlite Room, it had nothing to do with the actual show that turned out great, but everything happening at the time. We had forgotten over half our gear, as Trevor and I were unloading drums someone crashed into our vehicle, and it was practically a blizzard outside which made all of our instruments set ups just way off. It didn’t even feel like I was playing my guitar."

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.  It is truly appreciated. Is there anything you want to say or information you'd like to add to close the interview off? Roxanne has the final word- "We want to thank you, too, for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions. I also want to send out a huge thanks to all of our fans who have been so supportive over the last months. Their fervour is truly inspiring and I can’t express how much it means to us."