Satanic Bloodspraying - "Spending time on plantations gives me more ideas"

South American and Antichrist

They hail from Bolivia, one of the most improbable countries for a band called Satanic Bloodsparying to hail from. They don't have many influences from the neo-black death satanic attack. They praise the old. They don't like so much metal from outside Bolivia.  They don't show their identities. They don't play live. They don't have demos or EP's.  Yet, They managed to sign with one of the most stylish labels of the style, and made one of the best satanic old-school death/black releases of the year. HOW COME? Discover reading the answers of a dude called The Animal Pervertor. (Yes they are that rad). 

Hail Satanic Bloodspraying. Tell us when this horde was formed and if you have any previous releases, like demos for example. "Hail Satan! Satanic Bloodspraying have always existed, but now it was time to unleash the beast before the end of the world. At the mercy of Satan is our only release, there’s no point doing crappy demos instead of a quality recording and now was the time for it."

Even gaining a worldwide distribution, it seems that SB opts to remain obscure, hiding the names of band members and having no pictures of the band. Why this kind of attitude, do you like to make people guess who you really are just for the sake of it, like Bathory prior to the internet? "We have to protect our identities; there are forces that try to stop us both in our work and music. No mysterious shit, just pure precaution."

How did Hells Headbangers discover you and how the reception of At The Mercy of Satan been thus far? "We contacted HH, as it was obvious there could be no other label competent to release the cd and serve Satan. We haven’t seen many reviews, but those we have, have seen a love it/hate it mentality, as it should be."

You seem to be hugely influenced by bands like Impaled Nazarene, Sarcófago, Blasphemy and Bestial Warlust. What other influences do you have and what have you guys have been listening to as of late? "I take my influences from everywhere. We feel brotherhood with those bands, and also Venom, Beherit and lots of old school shit. I really don’t listen to much music. Spending time on plantations gives more ideas and relaxes me in a whole different way."

At the Mercy of Satan received a cool vinyl release, are you guys great vinyl and demo-tape collectors? "Connoiseur of Death is. I’m not. Too much effort collecting all the shit. Although tapes are old skchol and there are pearls among certain demos. I’m too lazy to collect. I buy and throw away if it isn’t good."

Do you believe that being from Bolivia, the band has influences of Brazilian and South American music in general? Which bands from this region would you give a thumbs upto? "Of course, living here gives a certain attitude and view on things, also musicwise. But, we don’t try to sound like South Americans. There are lots of great people, but I would say Bestial Holocaust kicks ass! They are the only Bolivian band I listen to…"

Does SB play live gigs and what relations do you have with guys from Bolivian cult bands like Kulto Maldito and Bestial Holocaust? "At the moment it is impossible, but maybe in the future we will play abroad. We don’t know them personally as we live in whole different places, but I know their Satanic work."

How’s the underground scene there in Bolivia? "No idea… We are not in contact with anyone. Doing our own shit and trying to stay alive."

Do you guys The Animal Pervertor and The Connoisieur of Death have any influence from traditional metal or anything apart death/black metal cult? "Lots of our influences come from different genres, don’t know though if it is recognizable in SB’s music.. Good music can be found everywhere. But like I said I’m not that much into listening…"

What do you think about this revival of old Satanic Black Death cult with bands like Blasphemophagher, Proclamation, Morbosidad, Sadomator and so on?  "To be honest didn’t know any of them; I'll have to check them out some rainy day. Good thing if they make excellent records. There are too much shitty bands nowadays claiming to be metal."

Do you have any plans/material for future releases?  "We've been composing new material, we will take time though to record them and be satisfied with the result"