'Keep going to gigs and supporting the talent that's in front of you!" Melody Black's Johnathan Devoy looks back at 2012

2013 is going to involve a lot of music and dog husbandry, but for now the MB frontman is looking back at the last twelve months...


Greetings Mr Devoy, and welcome. Thanks a lot for representing Melody Black in our end-of-year 'celebrations'... Looking back at the past twelve months, what was the best new album you heard in 2012? "This is the bit where im supposed to say my own isn’t it? haha...It’s a split between the new Stone Sour and the new Darkc3ll to be honest... I cant decide."

Fair enough. And what about old stuff – did any reissues grab your attention this year? "Nothing that id call a reissue, but I have been listening to a lot of Soundgarden this year, and actually, Henry Rollins spoken word albums... I've been putting them on while I drive to work in the mornings."

Dear old Hank.Which in a very roundabout way leads us to the next question...What was your non-musical highlight of the last twelve months? "Getting The Avengers on blue ray... I'm serious!"

We don't doubt it! To something a little more serious now - Do you think the music scene – and our sort of music in particular – is in good shape at the minute? "For the most part yes.. people are still as committed as ever, and there’s no doubt as to the supply of talent, I guess if things were better organised in the long term things could be better, but there’s still hope."

Indeed there is. That's a positive way to look at things. Now something a little less cheerful... Did anything disappoint you musically in 2012? "Venues closing, others opening and no one attending them, talent going to waste (this happens every year) and hearing a Korean pop song WAY too many times."

We don't mention that song here. Which practitioners of your own musical role impressed you most this year? "Jesse Dracman from Darkc3ll, his voice exploded this year, really cool shit… actually there aren’t a lot of singers around right now that ARENT doing their job you know? Everyone is pretty damn cool."

That's good to hear. As a sort of extension of that, who were the best live act you saw this year? "Have to say Soundgarden. Saw them on my birthday and was suitably impressed."

Birthday gigs are always good. Remind me to tell you about the time- sorry, this isn't about me is it? Back to you -what does the next twelve months hold in prospect for you? "A lot of shows both with the band and my solo stuff has me nice and busy… raising a new puppy (mastiff/staffy/ridgeback) and basically keep on keeping on, living the dream as it were..."

Aren't we all? One likes to believe that anyway. Aside from Melody Black, Which band, if any, do you think is primed to break out into the wider consciousness in 2013? "To be honest I don’t know. I'm prepared to be surprised."

A good mindset to adopt. Now, we’re fast approaching the festive season - best night for a party – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? "Christmas is always pretty quiet for me so im gonna have to say NYE. Playing a gig at Venom in Sydney this time around, so should be very fun indeed."

If only we were in Sydney that night. Being in Canberra we'll be safely abed by ten but never mind. Sounds like you'll have a blast. Anything else you like the readers of Metal as Fuck to know? " www.MelodyBlack.com is up and running with cool new shit on there every few days, and check us out on itunes and you tube and all that kind of stuff. Keep going to gigs and supporting the talent that’s right in front of you. Bring on 2013!"