"Australia? we want to tour there more than anywhere in the world!" Titan's Eve guitarist Kyle Gamblin gets his priorities right.

The Vancouver thrashers have released one of our fave albums of the year to date, so we thought it was high time we got to know them a little better...


Despite our best efforts to laminate the flooring of the MaF offices using sticky tape and the residue from half-eaten week old pot noodles, there are still cracks in the ol’ parquet. As I’m sure you can imagine, We receive literally hundreds of communications a month from bands wanting a piece of the collective Metal as Fuck ear lobe, and some of them fall through those little fissures, never to be seen or heard of again. Luckily Canadian thrashers Titans Eve avoided such dusty ignominy, their superb second album Life Apocalypse having been a go-to album for some time at MaF HQ once we’d worked out how to download it off the interweb.

Desirous of expanding our knowledge base about the ‘Eve, we put out the feelers with their people with a chinwag with the band in mind, which is why we’re here now, guitarist Kyle Gamblin and I, ready to exchange fully and frankly our views on a variety of topics. But there’s no room for that here, so we decide to keep the subject matter short and, indeed, sweet. We’re going to talk about heavy metal… specifically Titans Eve's brand of same.

There’s a hell of a lot of good metal coming out of Canada (even as I type the new Cauldron album is scalding the ears for a start… and when that’s finished I’ll be listening to one of the SPV Anvil reissues, then there’s that new Loverboy album I’ve been looking forward to, an- well those last two aren’t really relevant, but trust me, there’s a lot of good Canuck noise about… at the moment – to what do you attribute this (to outside eyes at least) sudden explosion of talent from the great white North? “Canadian bands are pretty tough. You have to be to survive touring over here - there are considerably long distances to travel compared to other parts of the world". 

Y’see – I told you this was going to be short and sweet… Next question. You have a very strong, distinct sound – how much of that sound is achieved by hard work and how much is ‘just’ down to the chemistry of the band members? “It's a lot of hard work in the sense that we have certain expectations for our song writing. At the same time none of it is forced, we just write until we're happy with the song. Brian (Kyle’s guitar playing foil, also a Gamblin man, as it were) and I write and arrange the songs and the other members add their own twist on it all”. 

And what a twist it is to be sure. In our review of the new album, we commented on just how many very strong tunes on the new album there are – how long did it take to come up with such a strong set – how many ideas do you discard before deciding on the ones that made the cut and how do you work them up to get them ready for recording? “It always takes a long time to write songs for us. Sometimes it will take 3 days, and other times a month for just one song to be "near done". We never write 15-30 songs, we just roll with a riff we really like and create a song around it. We rehearse five times a week before recording to make sure they are ready”. 

Bloody hell! Five times a week! – any kids watching – that’s dedication. And that’s what it takes to succeed in the ever more cut-throat world of rock n’roll in 2012. Looking back a bit, however… Growing up, what were the acts/artists/musicians that inspired you to pick up the cudgels in the name of rock n’roll? “Judas Priest was a huge inspiration on the direction of Titans Eve. Add the big 4 of thrash and European death metal and that pretty much sums up our influences”. 

Was there a strong scene in your hometown in your formative years? How important is it for young musicians that don’t live in big places like London or New York to have a competitive environment to hone their skills in? “There's never been a strong scene in Vancouver compared to the major cities. Competition has never really mattered to us with other bands, we just challenge ourselves with our live shows and recordings to be better”. 

You’ve been doing a fair bit of live work this year – what have the highlights been so far? And how have you found the reaction to your new material on the road? “The touring has been fantastic! The highlight was seeing Rex Brown giving me the devil horns side stage in Edmonton. People seem to be getting the new energy from our new songs so I would say the new songs are going over great”.

And what does the rest of the year hold for Titans Eve? “We're looking into a European tour and possible record deal with an indie label”. (In fact as this piece went to press the band has announced on it's website that they will be supporting Arch Enemy in Europe - right-up-to-the-minute Ed) 

Aah, touring further afield. Good... good... That’s good news, and it leads me to the question we always ask – any plans to come to Australia? “Oh yes, we would like to see Australia more than any other place in the world! Obviously nothings in the works yet but if opportunity strikes we will be there”. 

Are you reading this Australian promoters? Of course they are. Let’s hope they have their interest piqued enough to get in touch because we’re getting it on good authority from our overseas men and women in the field that Titan’s Eve are becoming something of a live force to be reckoned with… GET TO IT PEOPLE!!

Anyway, calming down a bit, is there anything else you think the readers of Metal as Fuck should know? “Check out our new album Life Apocalypse at www.titanseve.com and stay metal as fuck!”


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