Have you seen the collectors pack for the new Morbid Angel album?

Dave Vincent talks tours, cars and Grand Funk Railroad

I’ve always had a soft spot for Morbid Angel and I jumped at the chance to speak with vocalist and bassist Dave Vincent
He’s glad to be back playing with Morbid Angel again and Illud Divinum Insanus, the bands eighth album is testament to this.  Speaking of when he rejoined the band, Dave says “It was kind of seamless.  When we first started doing some of the touring it worked out really well, and I think we’ve all had a good time with it.  Making a record seemed the next logical step and we’re thrilled with the way it came out”
The tour dates for the first stage of promoting the album are quite weird; there are a lot of one or two date gigs in a handful of countries but he explains “We’re going to be touring; obviously it’s the festivals that happen in the summer, being the season we’re in [he’s based in the U.S].  We’re going to be playing some really cool festivals.  I actually enjoy doing them every year – it’s a gorgeous time of year and there’ll be a lot of really cool bands playing.  There’s a lot more diversity at a festival than you’d get on a tour”  It’s weird to hear the word ‘gorgeous’ from the mouth of one of the most satanically driven lyricists.
The good news is that a bigger tour is planned after Morbid Angel completes the summer festival circuit and there are plans to come to Australia; Dave was particularly enamoured with Australia’s wildlife sanctuaries and will be sure to do a lot more sightseeing when the band hits Oz.
“Whenever possible, I personally take the opportunity to get out and about because I want to see things; that’s part of it for me”
He gets really fired up when we discuss the differences with touring and recording – his passion is apparent: “They’re so different that I can’t say that I prefer one over the other – they’re both part of the same deal.”  He explains the process with a bizarre chicken/egg analogy about how one feeds the other yet are both co-dependent on each other; he’s a profound man and you get the impression that he is constantly alluding to something else.
When he’s playing live, he gets into an almost Zen state of mind: “I try not to think about it.  I try to just feel.  When I’m on stage I try to just feel – if I try to think then there’s something wrong. “
And that brings us back to the touring/studio question; “You create in the studio and you express it live and when you’re not on stage you make new friends, go about checking out the sights, listening, experiencing life.”
A lot of the album was produced at Mana Studios with ex-band member Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal fame.  Dave has a lot of time for Erik; “He’s family.  He was in the band for a number of years and obviously we played live together.  He’s got a studio kicking so we went in and recorded six of the songs there and it was a great experience.  Erik’s a really good friend and has been for many, many years now.”
Morbid Angel’s drummer Pete Sandoval recently had back surgery and is on the road to recovery so Tim Yeung will be filling on the up-coming tour.  Speaking of Tim, Dave says “Tim’s a great guy and a great player.  Very talented; and he played his ass off on this record and we’re very proud of his contribution to this record” 
The new single ‘Nevermore’ is the only track off the new album that’s been tested live so when the band hits the road, fans will get a taste of how the new tracks translate into a live experience.  The B-side Destructos VS the Earth/Attack was remixed Andy La Plegua (Combichrist) and I’ve heard it’s a dance track?!  WHAT?!
Dave is quick to deny this and quite frankly I’m relieved.  He describes it as ‘dark-wave’ and anyone familiar with Combichrist’s work will have an understanding of how it will sound.
”… it’s just something different; something just to add a different dimension.  It’s just something we wanted to do and the label thought ‘Hey – wouldn’t it be cool to do a remix of one of these weird songs that you did’ and we were like ‘Yeah!  Why not?’  It’s just a different direction”
I wonder how some of the die-hard Morbid angel fans will take it.
“We’ve always been a different kind of band that’s brought a lot of different things to the table over the years and this is just one more aspect.  We just gave them the track and they did whatever they were going to do.  We didn’t direct it at all”
As the main lyricist, I ask where Dave draws inspiration from – he’s quick to reply “Life.   Life in a twisted mind and a really twisted sense of humour. “ 
I think we all know where he’s coming from with that one.
When it comes to music, he says “I don’t have any choice.  And by that I mean everyone has their vocation and this is mine.  I wouldn’t know what to do with myself other than that, but I’m glad because I enjoy it.  There’s nothing better than to be able to enjoy what you do” Lucky, lucky bastard.
So what does Dave get up to when he’s not producing ear-splitting death metal?
“I like race cars.  Drag strip racing.  There’s a local track and a group of guys and, as a hobby, we just get cars and make them go faster.  And we see how fast they can go.  That’s something I think Americans and Australians share; it’s that love of racing.”  He tinkers with mechanics as well so if you’ve got a problem with your car maybe give him a call?  He laughs when I suggest this but assures me that he’s just an enthusiastic novice. 
Despite being surrounded by music everyday, he says “I listen to a lot of music.  I do a lot of music.  I collaborate with a lot of people and I do all kinds of different stuff, soundtrack stuff, video game stuff; everything I do, apart from the car stuff, is about music”
Don’t freak out but he admitted that aside from Kiss and Alice Cooper, he also listens to a bit of Grand Funk Railroad and anything “…that has lot of cool bass to it”.  He’s such a nice bloke that you can’t hold the fact that he likes Grand Funk against him.
Regarding the limited edition collectors pack of Illud Divinum Insanus; it’s huge.  There’s so much stuff in there I couldn’t list it all; candles, incense, a carved wooden case – go check out Season of Mist’s website to see the full list.  Sadly you probably won’t be able to score one due to the limited numbers produced but you can dream…
Morbid Angel - Coming to Oz in the near future. (too right they are Albert - according to METAL AS FUCK'S GLOBAL GIG GUIDE they play the HiFi in Melbourne on May 27 and the Manning Bar in Sydney on the 28th - Ed)