Battlecross: Staying True To Their Roots

Metal Doc Brown sits down with drummer Mike Kreger to discuss Battlecross' new album, tour, and staying true to their roots.

Battlecross (Detroit,Michigan), recently signed to Metal Blade Records, has found their niche in metal. The thrash-death Metal blend they have created and labelled “Blue-Collar Thrash” has earned them fans from all reaches of the metal world. With stellar reviews from Decibal, Revolver, and many others the band certainly has lived up to the hype their album had behind it. They have announced their first tour with Full Blown Chaos, Rose Funeral, and more to support their debut album Pursuit of Honor, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder of Random Awesome Studios in Bay City, Michigan (A Plea For Purging, Legend, See You Next Tuesday, The Browning) and released August 2nd in North America . Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with drummer Mike Kreger, who was crowned and Zildjian Cymbals'  “Sickest DirtFest Drummer” about their newly gained success.

“It feels great to push yourself and to achieve people’s respect is priceless. Especially in the oversaturated scene. There is a lot of competition and I feel in due time we will really be accepted. Also if you haven’t yet picked up Pursuit of Honor do so and support the Metal Mitten,” says Kreger.

Trust me, this band definitely does not forget where they’re from, “I can honestly say I love our Michigan metal friends. We’re all in this together and the bond is unbreakable,” continues Kreger.

I had to ask him which bands he thought were worthy of mentioning, again not forgetting where they are from, he named off all Michigan based bands, “Bury the Silence, 3 Parts Demon are another band that is just AMAZING, Shitlife, Infinite Design are fucking great, Dwarf Corpse, Genocya, The Devastator, Dagon, Satyrasis, Deadringer. All these bands are so worth to check out and support.”

Part of Battlecross' success is due to the amount of respect they show their fans and fellow bands. They remain humble, even with rave reviews of Pursuit of Honor coming in. When asked how they remain so humble, Kreger responds,“This in no way changes who we are as individuals, we will always support the scene like it has supported us.”

In fact, the band even invited the public to participate in the filming of the video for their first single off of the album, Push, Pull, Destroy and personally thanked every person for being there. The video went viral thanks to the fans that Battlecross care about so much. If half of the bands in metal treated their fans the way that they do, we would have a much better metal community.

Kreger, always the helping hand,­­ also has some advice for bands struggling to stay afloat, “I know how hard it is to get signed these days and us pushing through just lets EVERYONE know that you CAN do it!!!”

Having been good friends with this band for quite awhile now – and I am quite honored to call them my friends, mind you – I can be certain that they are going to remain as humble as ever. They have struggled alongside every band in the hell that we call Michigan and came out stronger, smarter, and more sure of themselves. The band is certainly excited to be gaining recognition from critics and fans alike. Responding to my prying question as to what they have in store after their tour, which starts November 14th and ends December 4th , Kreger responds, “Finally we get to take this machine out on the road. As for 2012 we have all types of good stuff coming in the year to come. Huge stuff I cannot release!! All I can say is stay tuned to upcoming news in the months to come!”

I have no doubt that these guys will soon be touring non-stop and putting out albums that will blow everyone away each and every time. Kreger, who at the moment reminds me of a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of cash, can say it better than I ever could, “We wanted this since we were kids. We all know the demand this has on our personal lives, but we want the world to know of Battlecross and how hard we worked to melt your face off! So with that being said…… LET’S ROLL!”


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