SIC talks Fighters They Bleed

The Faroe Islands thrashers talk to Metal as Fuck about touring, playing, their influences, and, of course, their upcoming album Fighters They Bleed.


Raw, massive, dirty, intense, powerful and in your face’ is how SIC guitarist Eddie Jacobsen describes their sound, promising this is especially true of their new stuff.  


‘We’ve evolved pretty much; the music has become more aggressive and even more “in-yer-face”.’


The band has strived to make their songs more dynamic and colourful than the previous album, Pandemonium, while still retaining the same SIC sound; ‘so people will still hear and know right away that it’s our music.’


To be titled Fighters They Bleed, SIC has completed 13 tracks of their upcoming album. With much more experience after a busy year touring, this album will contain more intense riffs – ‘hardcore yet groovy’ – and more solos, Eddie adding ‘we even grind sometimes now.’


In the last year they have toured ten countries across Europe and the UK, and played festivals at home.


‘Before the tour we'd rehearse for about eight hours a day, six days a week. And then we went on tour for two months. I think we deserved a break.’


Their break, which included forty-seven concerts over April and May, did wonders for them, playing-wise. 


‘Never have we been this tight before!’ Playing and hearing the same bands for a whole month was really inspiring and has come out in some of their new tracks; ‘Not that we’re similar to those bands now (Hatesphere, Artas, The Dying, Six Reasons To Kill, Gojira and Bloodwork) but they were a good inspiration to us, both in music as well as live and just really cool and down to earth people!’


Other inspirations include Machine Head, Pantera, Metallica, Sepultura, Messhugah, Slipknot, Korn, Hatebreed and Paradise Lost.


‘These bands inspired and still inspire us. We still listen to a lot of newer bands as well, but some just tend to stick with you. We use our inspiration and interpret them our own way and that’s what makes SIC. But, it’s not only music that inspires us; it’s also our heritage, our daily surroundings and so on.’


Touring, with ever-changing surroundings and so many memorable experiences, must have provided great inspiration for they returned to their song-writing within a few weeks of getting back to the Faroe Islands.


‘There were so many cool things that happened on this tour. Stage-wise, partying with the other bands, partying with the fans, stupid shit that went on in the tour bus and so on ... To mention a few: One of the most memorable gigs was with Gojira in Germany. They are an amazing live band. Also that one night in Copenhagen when Hatesphere was performing and we ran up on stage with our pants down with H.A.T.E.S.P.H.E.R.E written on our asses and it got broadcasted on national Danish television. Somewhere in Austria, we went for load-in and right outside our bus this couple was fucking, really making sure that EVERYONE could see them. That was good entertainment.’


Returning home it was back to the rehearsing regime, though they slowed it down a bit, trying to make sure they spent three nights a week in the rehearsal room, and played some festivals and wrote more material for Fighters They Bleed.


‘The songs vary pretty much since they’ve been written over a long period: We wrote 2 of the songs immediately after releasing Pandemonium (2007). A few were written prior to the tour and the rest have been written over the past few weeks.’


Their upcoming release promises to have some cool variation; with the songs written over an extended period of time there is a noticeable development they hope will be interesting for the listener.


‘We evolve all the time, probably like most musicians do. We don’t like to be stuck in the same place all the time and we like pushing the boundaries continuously. Having said that, we want the album to have some sort of a theme so that it has a nice flow. The title of the album (and one of the tracks) is Fighters They Bleed, and most of the titles are similar in style (war, fire and so on) but those things are all metaphors of the struggle within, inner demons, daily obstacles, disloyalty, and so on, all things that we somehow have experienced.’


The band is really nervous and excited to complete this new album and get it out to the fans, and are thankful for the opportunity to reach more metalheads who may not yet have heard them, their message to those inspired to check out their sound; ‘We hope you dig our music and we hope you will always keep on being METAL AS FUCK!’