Human Horror Industry: we talk to Kinetic

Greek band Kinetic have expanded from four members to six over the years, and dedicate their lives to the music. To talk about how the band works, and their upcoming release Human Horror Industry, MaF caught up with vocalist/bassist Savvas Betinas.


Greek band Kinetic describe themselves as being about Soul, Emotion and Flesh.  Currently recording their third full-length album, which they plan to title Human Horror Industry, male vocalist and bass guitarist Savvas Betinas took the time to chat to us despite the demands of their busy, ‘full-speed’ production.


This is one band that works hard at what it does; Savvas explains ‘Music is our passion, and we put all our energy, spirit and time into it.’  They have recently signed with manager Orpheus Spiliotopoulos (who is also manager of SIC and Scar of the Sun) after bad experiences with small, independent labels.


‘In both cases we had to do everything by ourselves, from contacting the media, to arranging interviews or organising shows which finally meant that our recordings were without any support.’  


Though help from someone who has worked with really important people of the European metal scene is welcomed the band still works hard at what they do.  


Savvas tells me, ‘Kinetic is our life and it will be for many years to come.’


Their last release was a six-song compilation, that can be downloaded free to all, because Kinetic believe the most important thing for a band or an artist is to be close to his fans and the people who always try to support them.  


'One year ago,' Savvas explained, 'we had the idea that it was about time we made a small present to everyone, to anyone that had a good thing to say about us, to anyone who thought that Kinetic is a good or bad band: on December 6th we celebrated our sixth anniversary, so all six of us in the band, offered a free 6-song EP with the title (6th of December, 6 Years, 6 Souls, 6 Songs) that anyone could and still can download from our official website.'  


The songs of Human Horror Industry are to be ‘more powerful and complete' than those comprising Corrosion, including elements from death, thrash, black and industrial metal.  


Savvas talks of the song-writing process, which is generally inspired by their lives: ‘sometimes the daily pressure drives one of us to create a basic idea or even a complete song: you know, first of all we are humans, with our passions and our weaknesses. All these emotions are expressed through our work in Kinetic.'


Their song-writing process has changed dramatically from their early days when they were a ‘typical 4-piece band’.  Since 2006 they have been a 6-piece band, including female and back growling vocals, and keyboards and samples. 


‘Now Maria-Melissa, our female singer, has to work on her melodies the same time that i.e. I have to change the way I use my vocal lines in the song. Vangelis Kakarougas (keyboards) has to work on keys in such a way that both guitarists have strong background chords, or so that the guitars have to be more “quiet” because the keyboards have a really good theme to present. There are many technical details that sometimes make us feel that we have to start what we’re doing all over again, from the beginning.’  


Though the band does find it important to have a clear “plan” in mind when they develop a song, and usually start with a basic idea, or sometimes a song from the beginning to the end, once the idea is processed by all of them and taken into the studio the creative process continues, cutting and adding parts and changing lyrics. It is rare for a song to remain the same from the original idea to the final production: 


‘That’s the magic of music!' Savvas enthused. 'It is runny like speech.'


Kinetic consider themselves a live band, though they like equally creating in a studio and playing live on stage: ‘we’d rather not record things that we won’t be able to perform on stage.'  They have conducted two national tours of Greece on the backs of their previous full-length albums and had a very memorable experience opening the Rockwave festival in Greece for Heaven and Hell, Dream Theater, Iced Earth and Anathema


Savvas recalls, ‘This was a really big experience for us: a big pride to be sharing the same stage with some of the people who have given the music you love and play flesh and bones!' 


He says that touring ‘makes us feel that the band’s spirit is alive' and though they have not yet performed a European tour he keeps in mind that life is full of surprises and hopes to arrange something good for next year.


Finishing the interview, Savvas comments ‘I’d like thank Metal As Fuck for this cool interview and salute all of you, along with all the cool metalheads down there in Australia!' - Thanks Savvas; we here at Metal as Fuck look forward to hearing Human Horror Industry when it is released.