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I like cemeteries at night under a funeral moon, the bay of wolves, the beating of leathery wings, the warmth radiating from the Hinges of Hell, and other happy things like that. I worked in the music business for 10 years, spending time at both Necropolis Records and Relapse Records in the 90's doing several types of jobs, but primarily PR. I've been in the US Army for the last 6 years and have experienced the joys of actually killing someone for real. Big fan and lover of things Metal: Black, Death, Grind, Power, etc. I especially love WarMetal bands like REVENGE, TRUPPENSTURM, and, of course BESTIAL WARLUST among others. Check out my fucking MetalBlog at www.vikingfist.wordpress.com if you're not a huge flapping pussy! If you really have balls and aren't a post-op transexual, follow me on TWITTER: @Vikingfist If you're a total warslut who is sick of dating emo pussies or skinny lil stick figure Euro-Metallers, I'm particularly interested in talking to you, because I'm recently divorced! Hurray for sluts!


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Dying Fetus returns with Descend Into Depravity, but it's not a descent at all. In fact, it's an ascension back to the deathgrind throne!
Sadistik Exekution's enigmatic vokillist Rok sets the record straight on SadEx history and fills us in on their upcoming rare live appearance at the Australian Metal Awards in November. WARNING: This interview is not for those easily offended by the word 'FUKK'!
Graves of Valor's 2009 long play debut is enjoyable and properly executed death metal, but not much more. This is one of those records that is just shy of being remarkable and probably won't get the attention it deserved... in 1995.


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