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Short. Cute. Obsessive Compulsive. Have Camera, Will Travel. Well stocked for the impending Zombie invasion. You can follow me on Twitter:!/theKaliDiaries Or read my Music, Sci-fi, Photo blog:


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Damn Swedes!! (shakes fist in the air)
Chicago gave us Second City Television, the Bears, Sears Tower, deep dish pizza, the meat packing industry, and the Blues Brothers movie. Now the world gets Diamond Plate - another gobsmacking Chicago creation!
Would you believe they are NOT a hearty Scandinavian death metal band; but instead soft spoken polite gentlemen from Ohio, USA?
The Norwegian sextet in action tearing up the stage. They are a force of nature not to be missed live!


As They Burn gives the world another reason to love Paris. Will, Love, Life is a heady mixture of genres that work to create lush and powerful compositions that draw you in.
Those with a discerning ear and a taste for rich music will no doubt enjoy Otep's sixth album entitled 'Hydra' on Victory Records. Otep pushes the boundaries of music with an album that forces the listener to open their mind. Hydra is not for the faint of heart.
Finland's Vorum have created an amazing album in Poisoned Void that will totally melt your face. Everything about Poison Void is Squeeee worthy; it's headbanging circle pit happiness.


It's a true Cinderella story - rags to not quite totally unlike riches. What began as a self-financed venture gave way to Dark Canvas Records offering the band a deal which saved their asses.
"This is what we do. This is all we want to do. We're made to do it."
Latvia's own Relicseed is a marriage of seeming opposites. The heavy metal frontman's parents are a violinist and clarinetist. He's obsessed with Pantera and Itzhak Perlman. Edgars Rakovskis is definitely all over the place!


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