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Short. Cute. Obsessive Compulsive. Have Camera, Will Travel. Well stocked for the impending Zombie invasion. You can follow me on Twitter:!/theKaliDiaries Or read my Music, Sci-fi, Photo blog:


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Damn Swedes!! (shakes fist in the air)
Chicago gave us Second City Television, the Bears, Sears Tower, deep dish pizza, the meat packing industry, and the Blues Brothers movie. Now the world gets Diamond Plate - another gobsmacking Chicago creation!
Would you believe they are NOT a hearty Scandinavian death metal band; but instead soft spoken polite gentlemen from Ohio, USA?
The Norwegian sextet in action tearing up the stage. They are a force of nature not to be missed live!


Blazing Fast Guitars? CHECK! Machine Gun Drumming? CHECK! Wicked Evil Vocals? CHECK! Wretched's Son of Perdition has it all.
Bleeding Through has lovingly crafted a combination of speed metal, death metal, doom metal, and gothic metal that has tinges of progressive metal thrown in to create a lethal mix that is The Great Fire.
Smiling, Singing, Good Times! That's exactly what I like to see. So says Matt Heafy.


We have multiple riffs that are so heavy that we just have to work with them. So we started working with them, we started listening, started dancing around and that's how the first album started; listening to riffs and dancing around. It's a good start.
We take what’s going on today, obviously exaggerate it to how it can happen in the future and tell a story. Visionaries? Maybe to some extent.
Warbringer is the original road dog band. They average between 200 and 300 dates a year when they are not recording. They've toured with some amazing bands and have gone to even more amazing countries. John Kevill talks about who he's toured with, where he's toured, and what he's eaten along the way.


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