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Massacre Records Widget Mayhem!

Free stuff to listen to!

The good people at Massacre Records wanr you to hear their latest releases - and here they are!

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No favourites...


The platters that mattered in 2010. All of them...
some album covers from the best albums of the year
And the winner is...
Some early shots from MaF lensman Kryptyk


The affable bassist runs the rule over our list of key albums from the last century...


Crying in the Rain in the Still of the Night? It must be 1987!
A teenager's thoughts turn to manhood, but not before an epic journey is undertaken and a terrible, sleep-induced nightmare results. It's 1986!
Dodgy market traders, shacks in the West End of London, Fast Eddie Clarke - this must be Back to The Future, 1985 style!


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