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I'm a simple beast. I love music, drinking, reading, writing, my wife, my family, my friends, shit TV shows, drumming and food. Give me all of them and I'm a happy fellow.

I write a blog, in which I waffle endlessly about rock and metal shit ( plus I love reviewing stuff for MaF as I'm generally a fan of my own opinion. I also like to know what people think of my stuff so go ahead, be brutal :)



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The titans of modern metal return
We Die Tonight is a band that sits on the cusp of many of metal's multitudinous sub-genres but however you want to categorise it, Stem the Tide is an excellent EP
Gacy's Threads hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and despite being relatively unknown outside of their local scene, can make a noise with the best of them.


From local pubs to one of the UK's leading metal festivals, the lads from Southport tell Metal as Fuck the story behind the gore
This year sees the second coming of Melbourne-based metal festival Sonic Forge. With over thirty metal outfits playing across three stages for a paltry entrance fee, metallers from all around Australia will find this an irresistable proposition.
With an excellent debut under their belt and not a bad review in site, Singapore's most brutal export, Wormrot, has a beer and a cigarette with Metal as Fuck.


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