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Release ReviewLagwagon - Hang (Fat Wreck Chords) Metalharmony08 years 2 weeks ago
Release ReviewCries Of The Captive - Imperialist (Imminence Records) Metalharmony08 years 12 weeks ago
Release ReviewIll Nino - Till Death, La Familia (Victory Records) Metalharmony08 years 16 weeks ago
Release ReviewWovenwar - Wovenwar (Metal Blade) Metalharmony08 years 18 weeks ago
Release ReviewGodlike - Malicious Mind (Inverse Records) Metalharmony010 years 2 weeks ago
Release ReviewAs I Lay Dying - Awakened (Metal Blade/Riot) Metalharmony010 years 9 weeks ago
Release ReviewPro Pain - Straight To The Dome (Goomba Music) Metalharmony010 years 11 weeks ago
Release ReviewAnuryzm - Worms Eye View (Melodic Revolution) Metalharmony010 years 14 weeks ago
Release ReviewVore - Gravehammer (AFM Records) Metalharmony010 years 18 weeks ago
Release ReviewDr. Acula - Nation (Victory) Metalharmony010 years 22 weeks ago
Release ReviewStrong Intention - Razorblade Express (PATAC Records) Metalharmony110 years 22 weeks ago
Release ReviewWhitechapel - Whitechapel (Metal Blade/Riot) Metalharmony010 years 23 weeks ago
Release ReviewAllegaeon - Formshifter (Metal Blade/Riot) Metalharmony010 years 25 weeks ago
NewsBastardfest: First Lineups Announced Master of Snippets210 years 27 weeks ago
Release ReviewCattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity (Metal Blade) Metalharmony010 years 27 weeks ago
Release ReviewLay Down Rotten - Mask of Malice (Metal Blade) Metalharmony010 years 31 weeks ago
Release ReviewJob For A Cowboy - Demonocracy (Metal Blade) Metalharmony010 years 33 weeks ago
Release ReviewVeil of Maya - Eclipse (Sumerian Records) Metalharmony010 years 36 weeks ago
Release ReviewHopes Die Last - Trust No One (Standby Records) Metalharmony010 years 41 weeks ago
Release ReviewLamb of God - Resolution (Roadrunner) Metalharmony010 years 43 weeks ago
Release ReviewWe Die Tonight - Stem the Tide (Own Label) Metalharmony010 years 45 weeks ago
Release ReviewGacy's Threads - The Ignorance of Purity (Savour Your Scene Records) Metalharmony010 years 46 weeks ago
Release ReviewDouble Dragon - Sons of Asena (Truth Inc.) Metalharmony010 years 50 weeks ago
Release ReviewCarnifex - Until I Feel Nothing (Victory/Riot) Metalharmony011 years 3 weeks ago
Release ReviewWhitechapel - Recorrupted (Metal Blade) Metalharmony011 years 4 weeks ago


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After a nine year break, the quintet return, but it's not all fun and games
Debut release from the new generation of deathcore
The nu metal mid-tablers return with added ire


From local pubs to one of the UK's leading metal festivals, the lads from Southport tell Metal as Fuck the story behind the gore
This year sees the second coming of Melbourne-based metal festival Sonic Forge. With over thirty metal outfits playing across three stages for a paltry entrance fee, metallers from all around Australia will find this an irresistable proposition.
With an excellent debut under their belt and not a bad review in site, Singapore's most brutal export, Wormrot, has a beer and a cigarette with Metal as Fuck.


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