Sepultura - The Mediatour Within Tour

For the first time in over a decade, the troops of doom return Down Under!
Tour Dates: 
01/10/2014 - 05/10/2014

2014 is a year to remember.  It marks not only three decades of the mighty Sepultura’s solid career, throned among the best of the best, but also the sole, undisputed leaders of Brazilian metal’s long overdue return to Australia, 11 years since their last visit!

Sepultura’s forward-thinking progression keeps it far from the grave it’s named after.  Celebrating their “Roots, Bloody Roots” by combining tribal cues with thrash, death metal, punk and hardcore elements/influences, there is no doubt that the ever-evolving pioneers keep it fresh – from humble thrash and classic rock, to nu-metal grooves and their post-Against experimental rebirth.

Members of the Australian Sepultribe best be ready for a chaotic show packed with an extensive stretch of classics, including the likes of Refuse/Resist, Arise, Territory, and Attitude.  With the South American phenom well and ready to bring a heavy metal hurricane to to their Sepulnation down under, you will not want to miss what is sure to be a hell of a time!


The Mediator Within Australia and New Zealand October 2014

 Wednesday 1ST – The Studio - Auckland

Friday 3RD – 170 Russell (Ex Billboard) – Melbourne

Saturday 4TH – Hi Fi – Brisbane

Sunday 5TH - Manning Bar – Sydney (Labour Day Eve)

 Tickets only $59 + booking fees