Pantera covered by Cowboys from Here Metallica covered by Seek and Destroy 90s Hits covered by Tundrel
Tracer Plus Special Guests Filthy Lucre Enigma Bar Sunday Dec 27 (long weekend) Doors 830pm 18+ only
FLIGHT Nightclub is back...and like the mighty B-Real from Cypress Hill once said..."Don't you know I'm locaaaal?" . After hosting big ass headliners Confesstion and Young Lions we're going straight ADL with LIFE PILOT, THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE, DEAD TIES, WALL OF TED and EXIST. Make New Years last forever, get tix, holler at your home boys....
Originally hailing from Cornwall but now residing in Brighton, UK three-piece melodic punk outfit, GNARWOLVES, have been touring extensively on an international scale.
Confession "The Final Tour”
Stigmata Promotions presents SLUDGEWAVE a night of sludge & stoner metal.
Truckfighters Plus Guests Holy Serpent & Mammoth Enigma Bar Sunday Jan 10, 2016 830pm 18+