Stone Sour - Hydrograd (Roadrunner Records)

The deviation to the hard rock route will have you nodding.... Not like headbanging but an agreeable nod... in the hard rock style.
Release Date: 
30 Jun 2017 (All day)

For some time Stone Sour were hardly connected to Corey Taylor - as his side project, it has taken massive efforts from the frontman and the release of some pretty amazing albums that the connection became real. More recently the band are described as a big contender in the hard rock genre; and it is through this album in particular that this observation will have you nodding in agreement (not like head banging, but nodding.... in the hard rock style).  

After the success of House of Gold and Bones Part 1 in 2012 and Part 2 in 2013 The Iowa 'hard rock band' are back with Hydrograd their 6th studio album which was released June 30th via Roadrunner Records. With eighteen songs recorded and a whopping fifteen making the final cut - it is easy to agree that Hydrograd was a melting pot for creativity. With the addition of Christian Martucci on guitar it is easy to see why the material was plentiful - a fresh pair of eyes and strings can add an entire new dimension to a band.   

YSIF or You Suck In Full starts off the album with “Hello you bastards”, already I'm intrigued. Then follows an instrumental in which Taylor's sense of humour is nothing out of the ordinary and very much as dry as we like it. Taupei person / Allan tea then succeeds and you then relax into that stone sour vibe that you have come to expect to listen too; a little familiarity is paramount with a band you have come mighty accustomed to - especially when they take on a brave new sound. ‘I’m running out of road but I’m still doing 75’ Taylor has always had a way with words; the lyrics of any Stone Sour (Slipknot) album have always been as important as the riff - and we can all connect with the uplifting and often cryptic lyrics in one form or another. 

Now, the remedy for any shit day obviously needs to be an uplifting song with lyrics you can literally bellow - Song #3 (actually titled Song #3) is that very song. The one that gets stuck in your head for days, the go to song you have on rotate whenever life feels stale and you really cannot explain how or why. Hearing Taylor do an acoustic version of this song recently was more than impressive and actually accentuates his strong vocals, if he needed any more ammo.

We are rolling through now - when we approach song 10 or St Marie - this song made me stop what I was doing and look at my stereo with the thought 'how the hell did Keith Urban hijack my stereo just now'. Upon further listening it is in fact Cletus Taylor in a country style hootenanny. The repeated lyric '...cause I don’t think I’ll ever be the same’ is something I can strongly relate to. After perhaps being permanantly scarred by what I just heard I was dubious to continue - thoughts were rushing through my head; how far have they segwayed? I persevered through the remaining tracks and luckily there were no more surprises. Between strong and clean vocals from Taylor and an impeccable guitar sound, this album will have all their fans begging for more...

Stone sour will be enlightening us with their presence in August, with the opportunity to upgrade to a meet and greet experience including a rare occurance to listen to the first three songs from side stage, a dream for the avid Stone Sour fan. Tickets are now available. 



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26 August, Sydney

29 August, Brisbane

30 August, Brisbane

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