Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained (Silver Lining Music)

Old school Morbid Angel fans rejoice - the pioneers are back!
Release Date: 
1 Dec 2017 (All day)

Florida Death Metal Kings Morbid Angel return with their 10th Studio album in their extensive 33 year career. The new effort Kingdoms Disdained is a welcomed return to their roots after 2011's dismal experimental Illud Divinum Insanus, here Morbid Angel are back blasting your senses with sheer intensity giving the listener a feeling with their art; and lyrics of which that recite the contempt the ancient Sumerian Gods may have with civilization if they resurfaced...

The powerful pulverizering drums, chugging bass, Trey [Azagthoth]'s critical tech guitar riffs and the powerful death vocals of newly rejoined Steve Tucker is a nostalgic sound we were all wanting to hear; glorifying that the Morbid Angel machine are back to their brutal best. The new addition to the line up is Scott Fuller on drums, Dan Vadim Von on guitars, of course the return of Steve Tucker on bass and vocal duties and as always Trey Azagthoth on lead guitar. A blend of which is the essense of this indestructible force that has plagued death metal for decades and now reunites for Kingdoms Disdained.  

Kingdoms Disdained bring back memories of past powerful albums such as Heretic, Covenant with its standout tracks Garden of Disdain, The Pillars Crumbling and The Fall of Idols. If this new offering is the new platform to go by -  Morbid Angel  are in unstoppable momnetum and will continue full fledged death pummellings in future offerings. The only con that distracts me from this new found resurgence is the weird, somewhat dense production which dampens the feel of the album slightly.

Regardless, old School Morbid Angel fans rejoice as the pioneers are back!