Decapitated - Anticult (Nuclear Blast)

Release Date: 
7 Jul 2017 (All day)

Polish extreme metal titans Decapitated return with their 7th album Anticult. Anticult is a milestone in the bands seventeen year history rewarding all the persistence and black heart ache to move forward and yet still push boundaries with their ever evolving influence on the extreme, death metal scene.

With Anticult Decapitated have expanded on the their trademark tech death origins adding more melodic riffs, harmonies, solos, grinding! and ever present riffage creating an epic feel to their already soul crushing technicality and brutality. The rhythm section provides plenty of blast beats; the meat and 'taters'; magnificent technical pummeling drums accompanied by sonic aural (and might I add, brutal) bass beats that reminisce of when Steve DiGiorgio played in Sadus.

The vocals accompany the high level of intensity set by the musicians with death metal vocals of extreme anguish, power, strength - capturing the true feeling of the music, and entrenching the sound, my ears prik of Predators Portrait era Soilwork. The production of the record is without equal - capturing the sheer essence of the sonic aural assault on the listener perfectly...

Overall Anticult is an brilliant masterpiece of Death Metal that Vogg & co should be really proud of. Old, new listeners of Decapitated once hearing this record should be head banging from the opening track Impulse until the finisher Amen. Best album since Organic Hallucinosis.