Crimfall - Amain (Metal Blade Records)

Amain is one of the stand out albums of 2017!
Release Date: 
25 Aug 2017 (All day)

Finlands’ Crimfall return with their third album in their 10 year history, Amain, what can I say this album? For starters - it bleeds epic grandiose majesty; sheer power. From the intro Eschaton this record oozes the feeling of the glory days, battles of the Viking era, you are primed from the get go, don't mind that your fist is already clenched as the material then builds into the hit single off the record The Last of Stands.

The Last of Stands pricks your ear with magnificent orchestration; guitars by Jakke Viitala which are followed by the full frontline of rhythms from the bass, drums and duel vocals creating symphonic passages of eluding melodies - setting up the story of Ten Winters Apart which unfolds into four parts; Far From Any Fate, Song of Mourn, Sunder the Seventh Seal and Dawn Without Sun all blending together like a fine tapestry. Helena Haaparanta’s elegant and almost ethereal voice, exemplifies the musicians portrait of the tale of Viking folklore and mystery.

The album finishes with four tracks of the most refined crossing of Symphonic Power metal and Folk Metal following with the flavours of Scandinavian greats like Amon Amarth, Nightwish and Turisas.

Overall the musicianship of Crimfall - Amain is spectacular with the powerful growls by Mikko Häkkinen, beautiful vocals of Helena Haaparanta, technical melody machine guitars, the orchestration of Jaake Viitala, superb the rhythms of Miska Sipiläinen on bass and human metronome rhythm machine on drums Janne Jukarainen, I could go on and on! The combination and flow is flawless.

Amain is one one of the stand out album s of this year. A must for any fans of Symphonic, Viking metal!