Archspire - Relentless Mutation (Season of Mist)

This album is career making and should be on any tech death fans hot list
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2017 (All day)

Canadian technical death metal band Archspire have released Relentless Mutation only a mere week ago. 

This is the band's 3rd LP to date - the album has been named appropriately, Relentless Mutation is exactly that, relentless speedy guitar riffs and the rhythms are extremely catchy, also lyrically relentless in their content being very descriptive and confronting. Oli Peters on vocals brings out as much aggression as an Aldi sale, keeping every song flowing and progressing. The progression does not end there, there is a lot of experimentation conjuring together with some melodic tendencies and throw in some jazz elements for good measure - all work flawlessly and make this worth listening to. Several of the riffs and vocals give off a Dethklok vibe in comparison.

To break it down for you - Involuntary Doppelganger starts off this album and sets the pace from the very beginning, Dead Lives Rive From My Human Hide are the first lyrics to be heard, the lyrics throughout this album are very descriptive and tell a very descriptive tale. There has been a lot of thought and emotion poured in to this LP to create these technical, poignant and intense lyrics.

Human Murmuration stands out lyrically as it tells a story of transporting a body and in graphic detail and the obstacals involved. The first time listening stopped me fair in my tracks and made me pay attention from lyrics, vocals and riffs all together is a package that will thrill fans old and new. This album is career making and should be on any tech death fans hot list.

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