Urgehal - Aeons of Sodom (Season of Mist)

Hail and RIP Trondr Nefas
Release Date: 
12 Feb 2016 (All day)

“Common you Fuckers! Come on! It’s now or never! We are Urgehal and we are here to fucking destroy you!” Who else better suited to open up this record than departed Singer/Guitarist Trondr Nefas who suddenly passed in 2012. The album is commemorated in his name…..

Urgehal conclusively show up with their latest record Aeons of Sodom. Selected material for the album was already written so multi-Instrumentalists Enzifer and Uruz decided to complete the record to honor Tondr. For this duty he invited friends of the band, a remarkable list of guest vocalists, Nag of Tsjuder, Hoest of Taake, Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone, Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest, Kvarforth of Shining and several others.

It is evident that they are motivated as fuck to deliver something extraordinary. The first song on Aeons of Sodom is a first class neck breaker called The Iron Children (featured below) and sung by Nocturno Culto. It´s driven by fast trash attacks which lead to a protracted climax and an atmospheric guitar solo.

A bit more brute is delivered during Blood of the Legion sung by M. Shax of Endezzma; harsh vocals and razor-sharp riffs ram it forward. The Sulphur Black Haze and Lord of the Horns are groovy as hell and allow nothing to scorch. Thy Daemon Incarnate is again a more rapid piece and is inundated with groove, so you simply have to bang your head; there is no other way around it. Endetid and Psychedelic Evil complete a strong record before the atmospheric outro Woe finally burry Urgehal….

Aeons of Sodom fulfills my expectations; it’s not a commercial downfall or a passionless ‘farewell record’, its more than that - it shows Urgehal one last time as an uncompromising and consistent band whom always walk their own path no matter what…. and this attitude in turn generates masterpieces like Goatcraft Torment (2006) and Ikonoklast (2009). They show their strength with trashy, groovy trademarks and that works just fine with me.

If you are anticipating something pioneering within Aeons of Sodom than this album is not for you. Aeons of Sodom is idiosyncratic and simply put; a last bow to the deceased Trondr Nefas. And I think the last words should belong to him….

Hail and RIP Trondr Nefas