Borknagar - Winter Thrice (Century Media)

There are no myths but realities on this tenth epic of progressive pride....
Release Date: 
22 Jan 2016 (All day)

Norwegian Melodic Black Metal legends Borknagar deliver yet another progressive avant-garde masterpiece. The rich pedigree ensemble evolves Norse storytelling and folk tradition once again with ‘Winter Thrice’. A natural and long awaited stepping stone from 2012’s folk law peppering ‘Urd’.

Two decades of nurture have created an album of mythic proportions. Fierce musicianship and shared ideas has translated the harshness and beauty of Borknagar’s native environment into a melodic audio adventure. An environment celebrated and explored on album opener ‘The Rhymes of the Mountain’.

Mythology and history are again in the forefront of their art. Øystein G. Brun’s songsmiths forge an epic sonic alloy; a blend of musicians drawn from current and past memberships of Solefald, Dimmu Borgir, Vintersorg, Leprous and Ulver. Norway’s cold rugged beauty and heritage leans heavy of the bands direction and influence. Interpreting the elements through fierce musicianship. Mainstay vocal duties are shared between Vintersorg, ICS Vortex and Nedland; balancing clean vocals with arcane expressionism of black metals traditional growl that feed ‘Panorama’ and ‘Erodent’.

Former Borknagar vocalist and Ulver architect Kristoffer Rygg lends his voice to make a soul affirming four man vocal collaboration on the album’s title track ‘Winter Thrice’ and closer ‘Terminus’. The men’s powerful harmonies combine to form choirs that echo in the mountainous halls of Norway’s Fjords. Brun and Ryland’s mixed stylings blend tearing distorted and clean guitars, setting varying tempos and moods, treating the listener to some blistering soloing and interplay. All bolstered by an ever constant atmosphere set by Nedlands Keys. Baard Kolstad’s phenomenal technical drumming adds to an already blistering rhythm section alongside ICS Vortex’s bass structures.

The Scandinavian exports have gifted their dedicated fan base a ferocious melodic necessity that draws its core inspiration from the lands and traditions of the mighty North Men. There has been much acclaim and anticipation for this outing, which has an ironclad certainty of attracting a score of new fans as the album is an accessible entry point for newcomers to an ever expanding and creative movement - an artistic movement that isn’t shackled to any one true genre, giving Borknagar wide creative freedom expressed through the gnawing ‘Erodent’ and glacier melting ‘When Chaos calls’. There are no myths but realities on this tenth epic of progressive pride.