Zero Down - No Limit to the Evil (Minotauro Records)

Helpless and out of control, Zero Down only know one way to rock...
Release Date: 
11 Dec 2014 - 11:30pm

If it wasn’t for bands like Zero Down, I’d probably have given up on heavy metal years ago. Y’see, they don’t care what year it is, or what metal’s hot young bucks are producing in 2015 in the name of the cause; What core is in this week? Who gives a fuck, quite frankly. Not  Zero Down, that’s for sure. For them, the calendar remains frozen gloriously somewhere in the period between 1987-1989, a time when trad metal ruled the world and Kurt Cobain was still trying to figure how to merge Sabbath with the Pixies whilst slitting the collective throat of all hair metal bands into the bargain. When Zero Down hammer into the gloriously gonzoid Steve MxQueen, they are doing so in the full knowledge that what they do is utterly ludicrous and yet… also so utterly necessary that any criticism is ultimately pointless. This is heavy metal. It is OUR music – and it will never be beaten down by trends, hipsters, or, worst of all, trendy hipsters.

Zero Down purvey a delirious brand of straight-up, beer fuelled party metal that somehow manages to be all things to all (metal) men over the age of 45. The afore-mentioned Steve McQueen is a winning mix of Thunder in the East-era Loudness and Accept, whilst the speedy Two Ton Hammer sounds like Sacred Reich on a Motörhead bender; Better yet, opening track Return of the Godz brings to mind Metal Church at their late eighties peak.

The result of all this nostalgic fun is an album that sweats pure joy in the existence of ‘our kind of music’ and is therefore impervious to possible accusations of staleness or lack of invention. No Limit to the Evil delivers on every promise it makes, and damn the naysayers. Judas H. Priest, when guitarists Matt Fox and Lenny Burnett go for broke on …Hammer the very essence of the appeal of heavy metal is revealed; this is, and always has been, music to enjoy and never mind what your fashion-obsessed mates say with their chortling voices and snide asides; And No Limit to the Evil is a very enjoyable album indeed. It may well be something of a triumph of style over substance, but when the style is heavy metal, then triumph is everything, right? I recommend this album unreservedly.