Tusks - Embers (Freak Flag Recordings)

Fuzzy fun-times...
Release Date: 
20 Aug 2015 - 11:30pm

Belfast's Tusks have come up with a rather delightful debut album that is, at the risk of sounding like a paraphrased toilet roll commercial, thick, rich and very absorbing. There are only six tracks on here and none of them drag - and with each one drenched in an abundance of sludgy, fuzzy sound not dissimilar to the doom and groove of the mighty Sabbath, there's plenty to nod and bod along to.

Opener The Trial sets the tone with crackling wah-wah guitars maxed out with fuzz and overdrive. Sliding bass notes and a hoarse vocal round out the bluesy framework and the excellent drumming is the cherry on the top of this doomy cake. Tusks have an obvious love of the rumbling bass so there's another big tick, right there. The Sabs Electric Funeral comes to mind and it's a beautiful thing. The rock and roll reeling continues with View From My Tomb and while it's heavy, it's not break-neck fast - though you will be nodding along within the first fews bars. Again, the drums are glorious so a big nod to Michael (no surnames here, thank you very much).

Bassist Dave and Gary (guitars) work exceptionally well together and there were times when I was definitely reminded of old Kyuss - such is the style of some of the tunes on here. I'm not sure which of the trio is doing the vocal but it's suitably raspy and fits with the music exceptionally well. As a debut, this is pretty bloody sweet and I trust these fellows will develop further as their musical journey (cue Masterchef style inspirational music) continues.