Tsjuder: Antiliv [Season of Mist]

Tsjuder continuously stand for raw; uncompromising old school Black Metal
Release Date: 
18 Sep 2015 (All day)

Black Metal has always been a fascinating genre of Metal, particularly; and most notably, the Norwegian Scene. Whilst some bands of the first wave march forward into more experimental paths, others remain traditional and keep to the roots; endeavouring to keep the spirit of the old days alive. One of these bands is Tsjuder. The trio from Oslo has recently released their latest beast of an Album Antiliv through Season of Mist. Antiliv is the bands second album after their celebrated comeback in 2009. Tsjuder continuously stand for raw; uncompromising old school Black Metal spiced with trash attacks.

Beginning with ‘Kaos’ little to no introduction, no messing around (and like every album from the band; a rather substantial punch to your face). ‘Kaos’ illustrates one of Tjsuders trademark's perfectly; slowly building momentum and striking at the right moment, the energy created by this tactic is remarkable. No time to catch your breath because ‘Krater’ is on his way. Live, this song will destroy some necks. It’s a slower paced song with fast outbreaks. This song is reminiscent to good old Darkthrone, which will have fans feeling nostalgic. No time to dwell ‘Norge’ demands your attention. The melody to ‘Norge’ is a solid one yet in comparison to the first two, significantly brutal songs, unfortunately this one is a bit weaker….

Djevelens Mesterverk’ and ‘Demonic Supremacy’ are in my opinion the preeminent songs of Antiliv. Such Black n Roll songs, I would never have expected from the Norwegians. ‘Slumber to the Worm’; a well crafted piece of drudgery, is another highlight to this album. ‘Ved Ferdens Ende’ ties up the black metal trash seamlessly, complimented by the title track Antiliv which superbly and closes out this album – an album where you will never feel the urge to skip a song.

So what's bad on Antiliv? Well, nothing in particular - Tsjuder have solidified their ability and technique during their past releases and continue to do what they do, and do it well. You know exactly what you’re signing up for when you acquire Antiliv from these Norwegians. And why the candy storm some of you might ask. Well Tsjuders achievement is; after 25 years, this form of Black Metal still exists, it is still cherished by many who undertake it and it is cultivated to sound fresh and new. Another triumph on the bands part is that not a single song on Antiliv becomes tedious, which has unfortunately become a characteristic for the genre at times. Having that non-stop finger on the trigger is something which not many bands can pull off. Until now, the only band I knew capable of this was Urgehal. I have only one wish left; Nag, Draugluin and Anti-Christian be a pal and please tour more!