Luciferian Rites - When The Light Dies (Azermedoth Records)

This is black metal...
Release Date: 
30 Apr 2015 - 11:30pm

This is black metal. Indeed, it is so black metal that I think if you looked up the term 'black metal' in The Big Book Of Metal (if such a book existed) then you'd definitely find a picture of Luciferian Rites under the heading. When The Light Dies doesn't fuck about with spooky intros - it's straight into it with the blasting Eternal Misanthropy of the Black Cosmos. It's all blasting and tremolo picking and high toned guitars - and it's a marvellous thing. There's so much shrieking and wailing that you'd think that you'd accidently stumbled into a black mass being held at a prison for the criminally insane.

This stuff is the epitome of black metal. Count Shadow's vocals are so strained on Incinerated Cross that I fear he may give himself an aneurysm; such is the depth to which he sinks in the name of his (dark) art. Everyone does exactly what they need to do in order to make this album exactly what it is; black metal without any of those annoying prefixes such as 'melodic' or 'folk' etc. I really do like this album and have been particularly enjoying Shadow's random howls and whoops as the rest of the band just goes nuts. I like to think that a few random chuches were wholly desecrated during the making of this album.

Suffice to say that every track on here is a banger with the depth of purity of each track making for a very grand album. If you dig 'le noir metal' then you need to get this album immediately. It's black metal distilled down to its essence; nothing more and nothing less.