Jungle Rot - Order Shall Prevail (Victory Records)

Simple, effective.
Release Date: 
29 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

Wisconsin death metal practitioners Jungle Rot have remarkably managed to survive long enough for this to be their ninth full-length outing; I say remarkably because on the face of it their music is so unremarkable you wonder how they’ve managed to keep getting people to stump up the cash to enable them to keep doing their meat n’spuds thing for the last twenty years. I guess there should be props given for, if nothing else, perseverance and commitment to the metal cause.

Order Shall Prevail is not unlistenable, of course, in fact most of the album’s half hour duration is eminently easy on the ears if your lugs are attuned that way. But there are no real peaks and troughs, save for the slight NYHC-tinged jauntiness of Trench Tactics and the appearance of everyone’s fave metal uncle, Max Cavalera on Fight Where You Stand, the album as a whole passing painlessly in one ear and out the other before you really even realise it’s been and gone.

Doomsaday opens proceedings up in dramatic enough style, getting down to business with no messing about, and Nuclear Superiority closes with some nice dive bombing/slow double kick action in best Slayer/Obituary fashion, but beyond that, and the two other tracks mentioned in the previous paragraph, I’m struggling to find a whole lot more to comment on. It’s proficient, on one or two occasions you’ll find your extremities twitching into action and, erm… that’s it.

If safety first riffage and growling sounds like your thing, welcome to your new favourite album of 2015. If it doesn’t, you’re safe to move on to something else a little more demanding. Either way, no one gets hurt, everyone wins, right?