Jettblack – Disguises (Cherry Red Records)

A bit hit and miss this one, it reminds me of the bands my eldest was listening to before he transitioned to the harder metalcore bands like Prom Queen
Release Date: 
6 Apr 2015 - 12:00pm

Jettblack are doing what Blessed By A Broken Heart should have been doing with their disappointing last album and that’s spending less time being poseurs and more time actually trying to impress with their song writing. And in general they succeed, although there are a couple of bum notes hit with Black and White, Smoke and Mirrors and the title track (which starts off great but loses steam towards the end of the tune).

There’s a similarity between Jettblack and those bands the ‘younger kids’ of these days love, like BWABH and Black Veil Brides, but more so in the melodies explored, themes and vocal delivery than necessarily the way the songs are delivered. Most of the tunes on Disguises generally have more of a horns up trad metal vibe, a bit more gallop to them, at least as far as the riffs that make up this the bands third release are concerned. 

If bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Crashdiet, and the aforementioned Black Veil Brides and Blessed With A Broken Heart rock your boat then you would be well served in giving this a go. Even if you’re not a huge fan of those bands, Jettblack have enough going on here that it’s worth at least having a listen. Yeah there may be some similarities in the fact that all those bands know what appeals to the masses of screaming youngsters, but Jettblack are doing it without the daggy clothing and makeup that are so much a part of some of the other bands in this scene. 

There’s enough on here to keep this jaded old fucker and his teens engaged. It actually makes a nice change from some of the more abrasive, raw tunes I normally listen to, although in saying that it won't be an album I go back to repeatedly. This is one of those albums that has a brace of cool tunes and a couple of duds, one where you might find yourself putting some of the album on your device rather than the whole thing. 

Favourite songs include Slaves, Kick In The Teeth and Human.