Faceshift – All Crumbles Down (Mighty Music)

Overly constructed and too complicated are compliments in some circles
Release Date: 
13 Apr 2015 - 12:00pm

Hailing from Sweden Faceshift have sucked down a cocktail of Alice In Chains, Queensryche and Nickelback, thrown in some modern metal nods and regurgitated an album full of promise but one that for me ultimately fails to knock the ball out of the park. 

They get cute on a couple of tunes with some fancy widdly guitar and drum shenanigans, and can obviously play their instruments (very well) but they often come across as trying too hard. There’s too often too much going on, a reliance on showing off the talent in the band rather than just writing what the song needs, it’s like they don’t know when to stop throwing ideas at a song. 

Look, it’s probably just these cynical old ears but Faceshift have slightly disappointed me on All Crumbles Down, it’s like they had a checklist of what needs to be in a tune and have just gone through and played to the formula. And my surprise and disappointment stems from the fact the whole album was recorded in less than two weeks and is self-produced but it doesn't sound or feel like it. It’s a testament to the quality of those involved that they can make the album sound like it’s the product of a big label and had months invested in the recording. 

Ultimately I like my Swedish rock to be nasty, dirt under the fingernails and blood on the boots kind of stuff and at the end of the day Faceshift just isn’t for me, it’s too polished and leaves me feeling like I just had a shower! I know several mates that All Crumbles Down will absolutely work for and I’ll be sure to introduce them to Faceshift the next time I catch up for beers.