Enertia - Piece of the Factory (Divebomb/Tribunal)

Enertia emerge from a decade of silence with a solid, enjoyable piece of work.
Release Date: 
17 Jul 2015 (All day)

There’s something timeless about Enertia’s music that is undeniably comforting. On Piece of the Factory (the band’s first album release in ten years) they mark out their territory early – quintessentially ironclad American metal is their theatre of operations – and, despite not really deviating from that path for the duration of the album they never fail to deliver solid, uncompromising heavy metal thrills from start to finish. You won’t find many highs and lows, but the region in between is packed solid with top-notch goodness.

‘But what marks them apart from other bands?’ I hear you ask, ‘what x-factor do they have that means I should be seeking this album out’? Well, none, really, save for the excellent vocals of Scott Featherstone who, as well as being the possessor of a fine set of classic metal pipes also has a rare personality to his voice, inhabiting his standard issue bellowing with levels of emotion you don’t often encounter at this level of heavy metal. It’s a pleasure to listen to as he elevates songs like Beside You, Beside Me and Hard to Follow from merely good to potentially great. 

Other than that, anyone getting involved in Piece… will feel comfortable as soon as the needle hits the groove if bands such as Metal Church and Flotsam and Jetsam ever find their way into their daily playlist activity. It’s solid but not unspectacular stuff, and Featherstone is the star of the show for sure, but guitarist Roman Singleton isn’t far behind, whilst rhythm section Jeff Daley (drums) and bassist Joe Paciolla pump away in the background with a sound not too far away from Queensrÿche’s Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield. 

The sum of all this is highly dependable, melodically appealing old school heavy metal, best evinced by exciting workouts like The Prisoner and The Hardest Sorrow. If ya don’t like that, this ain’t for you; but if you do, I’d suggest you dive into this album as soon as is humanly possible. And then hopefully the band won’t have to wait another ten years to get another album out!